FIELD OF WONDERS Поле чудес на английском языке


Ведущий: Good afternoon, everybody! I’m very glad to see you here, at our game “Field of wonders”.

Let’s begin our game. Now I want to present you our players:

(идет представление игроков)

— Please, Yulya, turn the circle. (крутит круг)

— Oh! You have got ___ points. They will be yours if you guess a letter. And now listen to the task:

1. It’s a beautiful building, where you can see many pictures. (a gallery)

2. It’s a building, where you can buy milk, butter and many other things.

(a shop)

3. It’s a kind of transport, by which people can go in a town. (a tram)

4. It’s a beautiful building, where people can see many wonderful plays.

(a theatre)

Ведущий: And now we are going to play two games with spectators, with you, dear friends.

What is the capital of England? (London)

It is a building, where people can take and read many interesting books.

(a library)

Ведущий обращается к победителю: Do you want to play a super game?

At first, tell me, please: Do you have any house in New-York?

Player: No, I have no house in New-York.

Ведущий: Imagine, please, that you are going to visit New-York. But you have no house there. Where are you going to live there? (a hotel)

Дополнительные задания:

1.It’s a building, where you can write telegrams. (a post-office)

2. It’s a building, where you can see many doctors. (a hospital)

3.It’s a subject, which you study at school. (English)

4. It’s a building, where you can see many interesting films and concerts.

(a club)

Реакция и реплики ведущего на ту или иную ситуацию во время игры:

1.Yes, we have this letter in our word.

2.No, there is no such a letter in this word.

3.Yes, you are right. You have guessed this word and you’ll take part in the fourth game.

4.It’s a pity, but you are a bankrupt. Now you have no points.

5. It’s a plus. It means that you may open any letter in this word. Which of the letter do you want me to open?

6. It’s a zero. It’s a pity, but you have no right to tell a letter.

7. You have guessed 3 letters. You may take a prize.

8. Our congratulations to you, you are a winner.

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