A SCHOOL TOUR Разработка мероприятия на английском языке для учащихся 7 класса

Министерство образования, культуры и науки Республики Калмыкия.

МОУ «Троицкая средняя школа им. Г. К. Жукова».


Разработка мероприятия на английском языке

для учащихся 7 класса

Автор: Кичикова Ольга Матцеевна

Должность: Учитель английского языка

Адрес ОУ: 359180. Республика Калмыкия

Целинный р-н, с. Троицкое

ул. Чавычалова, 11 А.

телефон: 8(847-42) 9-12-56

c. Tpoицкое, 2011 г.

In the yard

Good morning dear guests !

We are glad to see you at Troitskaya secondary school of George Konstantinovich Zhukov.

Well, during our tour you will acquaint with the history, today’s life of our school, we shall show you her sights.

First of all, let us tell you some words from the history of our school.

It is 133 years and it is one of the oldest schools in our republic. It was founded in 1878 as “Bulgun-Salinskaya Missionerskaya school” for kalmyk children. A present-day three-floored building with school yard and sports-ground was opened in 1967.

So, pay attention to historical monuments, which you can see in the schoolyard:

1. The real Howitzer (гаубица) of the time of the Great Patriotic war, was given to our school for storage after the reorganization of local village museum in the 90-ies of the last century.

2. A monument to brave guerilla Tamara KHahlinova, who died on the territory of our district. The author is Stepan Botiev. The memory of her forever remained in the hearts of our people.

3. A monument of V.I.Lenin, also was given to the school after the reorganization of local village museum. It is carefully saved by us because our school pioneer organization named after A. Matrosov honour the first man who organized the pioneer movement in the Soviet Union. Every year on the birthday of V.I. Lenin pioneers keep a watch of memory.

In the building

Dear guests, you are welcome into a school-building and get acquainted with its interior.

The Ground (1 этаж)floor

In the foyer of our school is a bust of the Great Russian general Geoge Konstantinovich Zhukov .On the 27 –th of July 2004, our school was named after George Konstantinovich Zhukov. It was received as a gift from the author, sculptor Stepan Botiev in 2000.

2. On the ground floor there is the reception room of the principal of our school Sandzhieva R.P., the winner of the “Grand of the Head of our republic” in the nomination «the Leader in education», «The Excellent worker of public education of the RUSSIAN Federation”, “Honoured teacher of the our Republic”, whose name is listed in the annual all-Russian encyclopedia «Best people of Russia».

Here there is a dining room and a conference hall, a gym too .

Our school has been keeping its traditions. There are over 60 graduations. We are proud of our best school-leavers. They are: silver medalists- Ephremova Valentina Pavlovna , Kegeltieva Saglara Tavunovna ,Dzhaldzhireeva Marina Gashunovna and many others.There are their photos here on the right side. There are also photos of the best teachers of our school next to them.

4. There are Biology , English language classrooms, work-shop for boys and girls also on the ground floor.

The Second (3 этаж )floor

Now, dear guests , lets go upstairs to the second floor

1.On the second floor there are chemistry, computer, geography, Russian language, maths classrooms, creative workshop , a social teacher’s room, a school medical room.


2. Two IT classrooms are equiped with interactive boards, one of which is a gift of ex-Minister of Education, Science and Culture Salaev B.K. in honour of the 130-year anniversary of school. The other was given as a part of national programme of education. There are modern computers in every classroom.

3 . There is the Environmental area here in recreation place,which was founded and designed by members of ecological organisation “ECOS” in 2007 during the action «I am a citizen of Kalmykia” under the direction of Biology teachers Arsyonova Yuliya Bembeevna and Akhmirova Nataliya Vasilievna. The project took the first place in the regional competition.

The first(2этаж) floor

Now please go downstais on the first floor

1. On the first floor there are English , Kalmyk, Russian, History and Physics classrooms.

2.Now we are in a Literature living room, one of the sights of our school, which was created in 2006 during the action «I am a citizen of the Republic of Kalmykia» by the pupils of the 8th-10th forms under the direction of teachers of Russian language and literature Talyaeva Nadezhda Badma-Khalgaevna and Sandzhieva Nadezhda Vladimirovna. The project took the third place in the republican competition. It was designed with the help of students, school fair and sponsorship of the enterprises of the village Troitskoye. Today Literature living-room is a favourite place of leisure for students and of course a place of meeting with poets and writers.

3. There is also an Art gallery in the recreation place of this floor. It was founded in 2005 by a school alumny of 1972 Alzheev Ivan Andreevich, who is working as a lawyer in Moscow. He made a gift the collection of Victor Terekhov’s pictures . This collection is interesting because it consists of portraits of famous persons, who had Kalmyk and Mongolian roots. They are Chinghis Khan, Fyodor Kalmyk, I.M.. Sechenov, D.I.Mendeleev, Fyodor Plevako and V.I. Lenin.

There are also pictures of other famous Kalmyk artists, for example: «My Son» by Kim Oldaev (1992.), «Ivan Слизский» by Ubush Badmaev(1985.) and others.

4.” Museum of Military and Labour glory” was opened on the 30-th of December 1982, by the history teacher Burvyashov Grigory Borisovich and the previous principal of our school Dzhaldzhireev Nikolay Zulaevich. Grigory Borisovich had been the head of the museum for a long time (up to 2005). The museum is located in a separate room on the second floor. In 2010 it was given the status of the school museum for a period of 5 years. The school museum is a center of patriotic education, it is a special educational environment, which is so necessary for the modern pupils.

Dear guests, lets go into our museum.(экскурсия по музею)

As you see, all conditions for development of a well-rounded person were created in our school.

In conclusion, we want to add that our school is one of the best schools in Kalmykia and in Russia.

We are proud of our school .

Our tour is over. Thank you very much for your attention.

A school museum tour.

1 part

Good morning, dear guests!

We are glad to welcome you in our school museum of battle and labour glory!

The museum was founded by ex-principal Dzhaldzhireev Nikolay Zulaevich and а History teacher Burvyashov Grigory Borisovich in 1982.

There are 5 expositions in our museum.

The first exhibition of «Veterans of the Second World War». It begins with а picture «A Son», the author of which is the honoured artist of the Russian Federation Kim Oldaev. This picture was given to our school by the author in 1992.

There is an enlarged photo of more than a hundred veterans of our district, made in honour of the 45-th anniversary of the Victory on the 9-th of May 1990 .The Photo was given as a present by the veteran Mandzhiev Muta Kharkibenovich in May 2000.

The background of the exposition is formed by the list of villagers’ names who died in the battles for the liberation of our Motherland: .. .(read several names)

You can see the real exhibits : shells, mines, steel helmets, bayonets, splinters of shells.

2. Next exposition is dedicated to the history of our village Troitskoe and consists of the following sections:

-It is our biography .

— The years of collectivization.

— Foundation of the village.

— Everything for the front, everything for victory! and so on.

The Picture of Victor Terekhova «The sacred tree», which opens the exposition, is a gift of professor Sergey Danilovich Durdusov.

All exhibits of the exposition are devoted to the village workers: shepherds, corn-growers, teachers, doctors, bakers, machine-operators and builders.

3.The exposition, devoted to George Konstantinovich Zhukov was created in 2000. On July 27 2004, our school was named after George Konstantinovich Zhukov by the President of Kalmykia Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov. It includes memories of veterans, the Decree of the President of Kalmykia, correspondence with Zhukov’s Fund, photos.

4. The following exposition «Life given to school» is dedicated to the memory of the ex-principal of our school Dzhaldzhireev Nikolay Zulaevich. In 1996 he was awarded the medal of Zhukov for success in the military-patriotic education of students. Our school with his help preserved the best traditions of patriotic education of students, saved komsomolskaya and pionerskaya organizations. There is a portrait of Nicholay Zulaevich, copies of documents, medals here.

5. Last exposition is about our school history, teachers, pupils.You can see photos, certificates, diplomas sport cups, which were awarded to our students.

Also it is interesting to see a gift of a Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Gorbatko V.- “ a copy of the first spaceship «Vostok «. He visited our school in 2011.

At the bottom of the display is our pupils’ hand-made souveniers and among them the layout of the old wooden school of 1878, which was presented to our school in 1988 by graduates of 1968.

(The book of honourary guests) It became a good tradition: all guests who visit our museum, leave their wishes and impressions in our «Book of honourary guests.

«Thank you very much for your attention!

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