Сочинение о Пушкине на английском языке

Svobodnenskiy educational department,

Klimoutsevskaya secondary school

Regional creative contest,

Devoted to 200-hundredth anniversary of

Tsarskosekskiy lyceum

Creative project

«The spirit of enlightenment»

(«Дух просвещенья»)

Performed by Bricanov Ivan

Form 9th

Klimoutsevskaya School

Tutor Girel Pelageya Maksimovna,

The teacher of English 1st category


“Oh, how many wonderful discoveries the spirit of enlightenment can give!”

Смуглый отрок ходил по аллеям,

У озерных грустил берегов,

И столетие мы лелеем

Еле слышный шелест шагов.

This poem was written by delighted A.Achmatova visiting Tsarskoe Selo in 1911 on the occasion of one hundredth anniversary of the lyceum. Generations come and go, but Pushkin still remains Russian beloved poet. And now we celebrate the two hundredth jubilee of Pushkin’s school. He entered a lyceum in Tsarskoye Selo in 1811. The education offered at the lyceum shaped Pushkin’s life. The main problem I’m interested in is: “Where are the roots of Pushkin’s talent? Can modern Russia with its educational system give the world new Pushkin?” It’s a serious question, to my mind. You only compare the themes of compositions in lyceum with our topic: “How did you spend your summer holidays?” In the lyceum the students were offered the problems: “Why do people compare life with travelling?”, “What is the richness of our Motherland in?”, “Motherland and abroad”, “About dignity of the man’s word!” Do you feel the difference? I do. I’m 15 and I feel that I’m able and I would like to discuss such serious issues. I believe young people look at the world with fresh eyes. Education has the power to transform a person’s life. The students in the lyceum spent a lot of time reading, debating, listening and discussing. What did they read? Fifteen-years-old Pushkin answered: “On the bookshelf near Volter there is Vergiliy, Tass and Gomer”. The students learned Latin and examined the works by Vergiliy in the original. Reading developed their feelings and emotions greatly. Later grateful Alexander Pushkin devoted much space in his works to the school that raised him. The tutors of Pushkin were great Gavrila Derzhavin, Davidov, and Dzukovskiy. They created the spirit of enlightenment in this institution. As for our generation TV and Internet are our tutors. TV influences the way people look at the world today.

Nevertheless we grew up with Pushkin’s poetry, starting with ‘learned cat’, which walked round and round the oak-tree, the “Tzar Saltan”, “An old man and a gold fish”. Pushkin could always find the right words for everything, as he was so talented and worked very hard all his time. We are all grateful to Pushkin for each line of his work: his fairy-tales, poems, novels, stories. His name is associated with our love for the Motherland and the best in our life. Pushkin’s masterpieces help me to understand that honesty, friendship, love are the main things in our life. His feelings and his views are still correspond to our feelings and views. I am sure today Pushkin is as actual as never. You won’t argue that nowadays we are short of pride for our Motherland and there is lack of dignity in the life of Russian people. We admire the great world of Pushkin’s poetry. That’s why on the 19th of October the pupils of our school will gather to the wonderful festival of poetry. We will recite his poems and in these poems each of us will find some special lines for himself, lines showing Pushkin’s great and generous heart, his sympathy and respect for his people. As for me my favorite Pushkin’s lines are:

Dark the sky, the storm is howling,

Whirling snow in fury wild,

Like a forest creature growling,

Sobbing like a little child.

When I was a little child my grandmother read for me these magic lines as Pushkin’s nanny used to tell him folk-tales. Later he wrote wonderful poems and fairy-tales, based on her stories. And it was also the spirit of enlightening.

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