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Система упражнений на введение и тренировку сложноподчиненных предложений с придаточными условия II и III типа

(Соnditional Сlause II and III)

Упражнения могут быть использованы для работы над данным грамматическим материалом на уроках в 8 классе в разделе «Ты — самый лучший друг планеты» учебник “Enjoy English” Биболетовой М.З. и др.

В работе над грамматикой можно выделить следующие этапы:

— презентация грамматического явления

— выведение правила (формообразование грамматического явления, определение функционального значения)

— автоматизация в условно речевых упражнениях

— использование в речи

— контроль.

I.Необходимо повторить Сложноподчиненные предложения с придаточными условия I типа (Conditional I)( реальное условие). Для этого можно прочитать юмористическое стихотворение, найти в нем грамматическое явление, вспомнить когда оно употребляется в речи и повторить его форму.


When I am twenty,

I shall have dollars plenty.

So I’ll be happy and gay

As I can fly to the USA.

If I am twenty-one,

I shall make all of my fun.

Because I shall sail by sea

To come to America and it to see.

And when I am twenty-two,

I’ll be wise and clever too.

I’ll be able to get much money

So I shall be glad and funny.

But when I am twenty-three,

I’ll be independent and free.

And if I don’t depend on my mother,

Then I’ll become grown-up rather.

And if I become twenty-four

I shall not wish any more

But to go and see the USA

If in April or whether in May.

But only when I am twenty-five,

I’ll understand the sense of the life.

And I can give a piece of advice

As I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

And when I become twenty-six,

I’ll be able to eat tasty Twix

On Sunday or Monday or any other day

When I live and stay in the USA.

Only when I am twenty-seven,

I shall collect more than eleven

Thousand dollars and pounds together

To leave for America in a fine weather.

But when I am twenty-eight,

It won’t be still very late

To realize if it is East or West

But our country is the best.

And only when I am twenty-nine,

I shall see the life is very fine.

And I’ll be able to say

My land is fine in any way!

(And I’ll be able to tell

My land is fine as well!

Схема предложения

1.If S V/V-s…, S will V… .

If I am twenty-one,

I shall make all of my fun.

2. S will V …, if S V/V-s… .

I shall make all of my fun,

If I am twenty-one.

*Sподлежащее V— начальная форма глагола

II.Определение коммуникативной задачи:

Как в русском языке мы говорим о событиях, которые происходят при нереальном условии? Как это можно сказать по-английски?

If all people were clever and careful, they would save our planet.(Conditional II )

If we had been clever and careful with our nature in the past,

we would have avoided many disasters.( Conditional III)

III.Презентация грамматического явления может проходить с использованием чтения или аудирования как средства обучения.

Стихотворение «Если бы да кабы!» в переводе С.Маршака (Аудиозапись)

If all the seas were one sea,

What a great sea that would be!

If all the trees were one tree,

What a great tree that would be!

And if all the axes were one axe,

What a great axe that would be!

And if all the men were one man,

What a great man that would be!

And if the great man took the great axe,

And cut down the great tree,

And let it fall into a great sea,

What a splish-splash that would be!


Young lovers are fond of using the subjunctive. This is because they are frequently separated. When they say goodnight to each other at the bus stop or the girl’s front door, it is quite natural for them to say,

If you didn’t have to go home so soon, we would always be together.

“If we were always together, I would be the happiest man in the world.”

Even unsuccessful lovers can express themselves better in the subjunctive.

If I were more attractive, she would take notice of me”

If only I knew her address, I would write a letter to her.

“If I knew her telephone number, I would send a message to her”

And when they are dreaming about their future, the subjunctive is the perfect grammatical form for imagining their happiness. There used to be a well-known song that began:

If you were the only girl in the world

And I were the only boy,

Nothing else would matter in the world…

We suppose that, like Adam and Eve, they would live in a garden full of trees. Otherwise, they would be too busy to enjoy their dreams very much!

Once the couple gets married, however, the subjunctive is not a very satisfactory area.

To begin with, there are the everyday complaints: I wish you’d listen when I’m talking to you. I wish you wouldn’t drop your cigarette ash on the carpet. When the couple starts using the third person and you becomes he or she this gets worse. By now they are complaining to their friends, If only she’d learn to cook! If only he wouldn’t snore!

I can’t get to sleep at night.

The Present Subjunctive is bad enough for married couples but the Past is fatal. When two people get used to speak to each other is the Past Subjunctive, there’s little hope left for marriage. I wish I’d never met you and If only I’d listened to mother and almost certain to provoke answers like Yes, I wish you’d listened to her too and from there it’s

a short step to the divorce court.

The reason for all this is that the subjunctive is all about what we haven’t got, we never had or we’ll probably never get. And most marriages survive better if the couple think about what they have got now — each other — and make the best of it in the Present Indicative, I’m so happy with you. You look lovely in that dress. I don’t care if you don’t earn much money. I love you, anyway.

Объяснение правила. После перевода на русский язык выделенных из текста речевых образцов, выделяем временные формы глагола, составляем формулу предложения.

Conditional Clause II (Unreal condition)

If S V2/V-ed…, S would V….

S would V …, if S V2/V-ed … .

Conditional Clause III( Unreal condition)

If S had V3/V-ed…, S would haveV3/Ved….

S would have V3/Ved …, if S had V3/V-ed … .

IV.Автоматизация грамматического явления происходит в ходе выполнения следующих типов упражнений:

на нахождение соответствия

Match the two parts of the sentences

1.If we cut down fewer forests,

many species of animals wouldn’t have disappeared.

2. If we didn’t pollute our rivers and lakes,

the air would be clean and fresh.

3.If we planted more new forests,

we would save wild animals.

4. If we took care of our planet,

scientists would have solved some environmental problems.

5. If people hadn’t polluted the planet,

they would be full of fish.

6.If countries had spent more money on scientific research,

we wouldn’t have so many environmental problems.

— альтернативного выбора или множественного выбора

Choose the right variant

1. If she (knew, would know) about the party, she (dressed, would dress) up.

2. If John (came, would come) to Russia, he ( bought, would buy) matryoshka dolls for his sister.

3. If W. Shakespeare (had not written, would have written) such beautiful poetry, he (had not been, would not have been) famous.

4. If you (came, had come) yesterday, you (would find, would have found) him here.

5. If I (were, would be ) you, I (went, would go ) to police.

— на завершение/ окончание предложения путем постановки в правильную форму предложенного слова,

Open the brackets.

If my grandfather (be) younger, he (understand) me better.

2. If he (like) cycling, we (buy) a new bike for him.

If he (know) English well, he (read) English books in the original.

If I (go) to the disco last night, I (be) dog-tired now.

If you take) more exercise, you (feel0 stronger.

на трансформацию.

Refer the sentences to the past. Use the words in brackets

If I won a lot of money, I would plant lots of beautiful gardens in the city. (last year).

I would help you, if I had time.( yesterday)

If you did not read the book, you wouldn’t answer this question.( in your childhood.

If I know you were ill, I would visit you. ( last Sunday)

V. Употребление в речи.

ответы- рассуждения на проблемные вопросы

Give advice to your friend as it is shown in the model

Example.: I feel very ill.( stay in bed)

If I were you, I would stay in bed.

Our school ground looks dull.(plant more flowers)

I’d like to go traveling. (go to Europe)

I’ve made many mistakes in my Grammar test. (spend more time learning rules)

I couldn’t do this simple crossword. (read more books)

— сочинение-рассуждение на одну из предложенных тем

Answer the questions.

1. What would you do, if you were a teacher and the kids didn’t listen to you?

2. If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would you choose?

3. What would you do, if your friend gave you a snake or a crocodile as a birthday present?

4. If you would be either the most beautiful, the most athletic, or the cleverest person in your class, what would you choose?

5. If you were given a million of dollars to use, how would you spend it?

6. If you had to pick an age to be for your whole life, what age you would choose?

7. If this Saturday you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?

Think it over and answer the questions.

What would happen if…

The sun stopped shining?

The ocean dried up?

There was no more school/

You couldn’t laugh?

Time stood still?

Dolls came to life?

People were invisible(невидимый)?

There were no animals?

Write a small composition.

What would you do for the environment:

a)If you were the President

b)If you were a talented scientist

VI Контроль

Use Conditional II.(Unreal condition)

Open the brackets, use the correct form of the verbs

If you (give) me your dictionary, I (translate) the text.

He (do) it, if you (ask) him.

If I (be) a musician, my mother (be) happy.

If she (have) more pocket money, she (buy) this CD.

Jane (get) better marks in Maths, if she (work) hard at her homework.

I (stay) at home, if it (rain) today..

If the weather (be) hot today, we (put) on T-shirts and shorts.

If I (have) much free time, I (go) to the sport club.

I (take) Russian souvenirs, if I go abroad.

I (become) a fashion designer, if I (finish) this college after school.

My brother (be) happy, if we (buy) a leather jacket for him.

If I (work) in summer, I (buy) a CD-player.

He (not forget) to take his mittens, if the weather (be) cold.

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