Урок-ролевая игра Спорт-это здорово в 8 классе

Урок-ролевая игра «Спорт-это здорово!» (ток-шоу)

Ход урока:

I. Teacher (T): Let’s divide into 4 groups — Sportsmen, Doctors, Parents, Teachers.

Dear guests, today we shall speak about sport in our lite, about hardworking training of pupil-sportsmen and about the dangers and risks of sport.

I’ll read the text and then you will say why not all people like sports.

Sport is very important in our life. Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning and train in sport clubs in different sections and take part in competitions. A lot of different competitions are held at school, a great number of pupils take part in them. All participants try to get good results and become winners. Sport may be professional and amateur. Many people like sport, but some of them neither play sports games nor even watch them. They only like to speak about sport and say that all children and grown-ups must take care of their health.

And you? What do you think about it?

Представители всех четырех групп высказывают свое мнение о роли спорта. Отвечают на вопрос: «Почему не все любят заниматься спортом?».

На слайдах дается презентация видов спорта и заслуженных спортсменов нашей страны.

II.T: Is it difficult to be a professional sportsman?

(отвечают представители всех групп)

Sportsman: I can say that I am a professional sportsman because I have played volleyball for seven years. I train every day in Barnaul and, here, in Novoaltaisk. I must be in good form all times, besides that, I have to study at secondary school and do a lot of homework like normal pupils. I am sure it is difficult, but I like it.

Doctor: I think it is difficult and dangerous being a professional. You may hurt your body, destroy your nervous system and relations with your family and friends. Many sportsmen need special diets and medical service. No smoking, no alcohol.

Teacher: Oh, we have many problems with such pupils, because they are absent a lot of the time and can’t understand material when they arrive at classes. Usually, they are bad pupils because they have no time to do homework, read books and so on. We don’t like professional sportsmen-pupils.

Parents: O.K., we agree with the doctors. Being a professional is very difficult and dangerous sometimes. Our children have many injuries, they can not be simple children. But they dream of becoming winners and every person wants to win an Olympic medal. Besides that, professional sport is big business and sportsmen may earn a lot of money.

III.T: These are different opinions, but we try to respect them. Not all people like to do exercise, but every person has a favourite kind of sport and a sportsman. And now, you will introduce your reports. We tried to prepare different kinds: ice-hockey, football, figure-skating and skiing.

Все группы выступают со своими подготовленными дома проектами, подкрепляя их видеоматериалами и иллюстрациями.

1. Презентация проекта на тему: «Спорт для здоровья!»

ученик: Николаев Владислав

2. Презентация проекта на тему: «Будь здоров!»

ученица: Арефьева Ирина

3. Презентация проекта на тему: «Да! здоровому образу жизни»

ученица: Солдатова Ульяна

IV. Физкультминутка.

Close your eyes for 5-6 seconds, then open your eyes, do it 4-5 times. Close your eyes and press them strong ly 5-6 times.

Quickly blink your eyes, close your eyes and imagine summer, the sea, a forest (10 seconds).

V. Grammar Revision (Degrees of comparison of adverbs and adjectives)

Каждая группа получает листы, где записано по два предложения. Детям дается 5 минут, чтобы они написали эти предложения по-английски.

— Сергей Бубка смог прыгнуть выше других.

-Все спортсмены должны усердно трудиться.

-Сегодня он бежал быстрее, чем бежал до этого.

-Кто из вас прыгает выше всех?

-Кто из вас играет хуже всех в футбол?

VI. T: We had an interesting talk-show about sports life and sportsmen and their problems. You have to understand the risks of doing sport and be very careful. Some of you will choose professional sport, but the majority will choose amateur sport and a healthy way of life. If you are going into professional sport, you have to be hardworking, purposeful and persistent. If you do not, enjoy jogging in the morning, playing games and watching TV programmes without everyday risks and injuries.

Make a list of rules of safe behaviour at sport classes.

Правила безопасного поведения на уроках физкультуры и тренировках записывают на компьютере и проецируют на доску крупным планом.

You have to wear a special sports uniform and boots.

— Listen to your trainers and teachers very attentively and follow instructions.

— Be careful. Don’t push one another,

Before doing exercises on sports equipment, check it.

— If you feel unwell, immediately stop doing exercises and tell your teacher.

— Do sport willingly and you will be healthy and wealthy.

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