Урок-конференция в 8 классе по теме Проблемы окружающей среды_31572


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T: Dear ladies and gentlemen! You are welcome at our conference. The main question we are going to discuss today is the environmental problems. We will listen and discuss several reports. Look at the plan of our work.


1.The most serious environmental problems.

2.The crucial problems in order of their importance.

3.The ways of the world improvement.

4.The ways to save the Earth.


P1: You should realize the importance of the topic, especially now, when the ecological situation in the world is getting worse. It’s dangerous now to live in big, noisy cities with a great number of cars and people.


P2: Pollution in all its forms damages our nature and people’s health causes different diseases.

T: Thank you. I’d like to add we will decide what can save the Earth. I invite all of you to take part in our conference. We’ll start.



(выступление каждого сопровождается мультимедийной презентацией)

P1: The first report will be made by Mr(Mrs) Tree. He(she) will tell us about the most serious environmental problems.

Mr(Mrs) Tree: It’s a wonderful world we live in.

But now human beings are killing our planet. Millions of animals die every year because man has polluted their natural homes. Besides, every year people cut down more trees, build more roads, and use more land for farming.

The country air, once clean and fresh, now may be polluted by power stations and factories.

People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for farms and houses. Even if new trees are planted, it takes many years for them to grow.

Water is also polluted very much. There is a lot of litter on the beaches, and you can even see thick foam caused by chemical waste.

Pollution is very dangerous for people, wildlife and the environment. People don’t just pollute the environment. They pollute themselves with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food.

These are some of the world’s most serious environmental problems.

P1: Dear boys and girls, do you agree with Mr(Mrs) Tree?

P2: Now we continue. Let’s pass over to the next question. Mr(Mrs) Evergreen will tell us about the importance of the crucial problems. Listen, please.

Mr(Mrs) Evergreen: As you may understand, our planet is in danger. Among the most serious problems, such as air pollution and water pollution, we can underline dangerous diseases, people’s interrelations, breaking humans rights, crimes and drugs. Of course, all of the problems are very important, but we can list them in order of their importance. There are some problems ( слова на доске ):1drugs, 2dangerous diseases, 3pollution, 4crimes, 5endangered animals, 6new local wars, 7dangerous technologies, 8lack of recycling, 9people and their interrelations, 10breaking humans rights, 11star wars. I want you have the task to write these problems in order of their importance.(дети предлагают варианты вслух).

P1: It’s clear not only the environment suffers of the man. Human beings also make harm to themselves. The next report is connected with the ways of the world improvement. Listen to Mr(Mrs) Sun.

Mr(Mrs) Sun: It’s well known that people make all the problems themselves. But they seldom think what will happen then. Unfortunately people nowadays often tell lies, they argue and fight. We could improve our world, make it closer to the perfect one. In a perfect world people never argue, so they have no need to fight or make wars. All people work and get a lot of money so there are no crimes. They don’t tell lies to each other. People in the perfect world always protect nature. They travel on foot or by cars without petrol. So, you can often see people riding bicycles. People are healthy because they don’t smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs. They always eat healthy food: fruit and vegetables, dairy products. If I could improve our world the first thing I would do is stop people fighting. Secondly, I would, punish strictly those ones who make crimes. Finally, I would also make a law to protect our nature. And you?

P2: Thank you, Mr(Mrs) Sun. That was the last report at our conference.

T: Thank you, my friends! Now I would like you take the cards on your tables and complete them answering the questions.

(на карточках):

1.Are there any problems on the Earth?

2.Which problem do you find the most serious?

3.What would you do to improve the world?

(учащиеся отвечают на вопросы)

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