МОУ Зингейская СОШ

Учитель английского языка

Сулейманова Р.У.

Урок-игра «Умница» в 7 классе

Оборудование: глобус, карта солнечной системы, таблица 5х5, карточки с заданиями (25 шт.)

Цели: Активизировать употребление лексики, повторить степени сравнения прилагательных, употребление артиклей с географическими названиями, расширить межпредметные связи, кругозор учащихся.

Т. – Welcome to our competition of clever and bright students.

Look at this table. Each field of it means different sciences: Blue – Geography, red – Astronomy, green – Biology, Yellow – Grammar and White is Art.

Let’s make two competing teams.

You name the color and the number. You get a question and if your answer is correct you will score some points. Every question has its price.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.


1 Which river is longer, the Volga or the Nile? 5

2 Which mountain is the highest in the world? 10

3 Which is the smallest continent in the world?15

4 Which lake is deeper, the Baikal or the Ontario?20

5 Compare Moscow and Magnitogorsk? (5 sentences)25


1 Which animal is the tallest in the world?5

2 Which bird is the smallest in the world?10

3 Which is heavier, an elephant or a whale?15

4 Which birds do not fly?20

5 Compare a lion and a hare (5 sentences) 25


1 Which planet is the biggest in the Solar system?10

2 Which is nearer to the sun, Mercury or the Earth?15

3 What is the natural satellite of the Earth?15

4 The Sun goes round the Earth, doesn’t it?20

5 Compare Saturn and Venus (5 sentences) 25


Form the three degrees of comparison

1 big5

2 good10

3 expensive15

4 little20

5 Do the crossword30


1 Recite a poem10

2 Sing a song15

3,4,5 Whose portrait is it?What can you say about the person?30

T. – Well, all the fields are open. Count you points. Who is the winner? Congratulations and presents for you! Thank you for learning English. We enjoyed your good English, and Knowledge of other subjects.






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