Урок-игра По следам Шерлока Холмса

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Урок-игра «По следам Шерлока Холмса»

для учащихся 6-7 классов

The Game “Follow Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery ”, based on the textbook for the VI form by O.V. Afanasieva and I.V.Mikheeve.

(The task of the game is to revise the vocabulary of the textbook with the help of a game solving the given problems and making up the words from given letters)

We gathered here to remember Sherlock Holmes. As you know he was very smart and there are a lot of stories about him. Today we should try to remember what you know about him and find out which of you can be as smart as he was. You are divided into 3 teams. Let’s see which team will be the strongest.

(First of all pupils are given some questions about Sherlock Holmes. They can answer them in any order)

I. First of all I want you to answer my questions about him. If you answer the questions you’ll be given some tasks to do. Let’s start:

1.What kind of sports was Sherlock Holmes good at? (boxing)

2. What is the name of the woman Sherlock admired and always called ‘the woman’? (Iren Adler)

3. What scientific method did he use in his work? (deductive)

4. At what street did he live? (Baker Street)

5. What musical instrument did he play? (violin)

6. Whose voice does he speak in Russian film about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson? (Vasiliy Livanov)

7. Who is the helper of Sherlock Holmes? (Dr. Watson)

8. Who created Sherlock? (Arthur Conan Doyle)

9. Name the host of the flat where Sherlock lived! (Mrs. Hudson)

10. Professor of the criminal world of England, the main opponent of Sherlock Holmes? (Pr. Muriatic)

11. Detective from Scotland Yard, a friend of Sherlock? (Leistered)

12. What kind of reptile is ‘specked band’ from the story ‘The Adventure of Specked Band’? (snake)

13. What do the words ‘dancing men’ mean? (cipher)

14. What is the most famous phrase of Sherlock Holmes? (It’s elementary, Watson)

(You can congratulate pupils for their active work)

For the correct answers you’ll be given bonuses – they are letters. When you collect all letters you’ll find out the words. Let’s begin to collect letters of the words which will lead you to the victory. (The teacher gives the teams their first letters – D,R,G

II. Now let’s go to the tasks. You must work hard to get all the necessary letters to combine the words. Don’t forget that you are a team and help each other.

Task 1 Make up the phrase from the given words

(The teacher prepares the papers with sentences and cut them into words. All cards are enclosed)

These are the keys for teachers.

Plants produce much of the oxygen in the air, which people need for breathing.

The house was so badly damaged that we had to build a new one.

The countries protest against dumping acid and poisonous wastes in the seas and oceans.

At the end of the task children are given one letter(S, A, E)

Task 2. Try to read what is written in the letter and you will be given another letter

(The teacher gives pupils letters written in a way the pupils can read only with the help of a mirror or looking through the window from right to left) The teacher should prepare 3 mirrors and put them on the table but don’t tell the pupils how to use them.

(the papers can’t be enclosed because they are prepared in written form_


Don’t waste water, gas, energy, natural resources.

Don’t litter with paper, cans or bottles.

Don’t turn the planet into a pile of rubbish.

At the end of the task the teacher gives the pupils the letters (T, T, D)

Task 3. Try to find out who the criminal is learning some information about him or her.

(The teacher gives pupils the papers with the descriptions)

-He lived in England in the 15th- 16th centuries. He ruled the country. He was rather fat. Some people said he was cruel. Under him Britain became independent of the Roman Catholic Church. He had six wives.

-She lived in England in the 16th century. Her mother was executed by her father. She never married. She was a very popular and strong queen. During her reign the Spanish Armada was defeated.

-He lived in the 16th century. He had a wife and three children. Two of the children were twins. His father was a glove maker. He worked in the theatre and wrote a lot of tragedies and comedies.

They are Henry VIII, Elisabeth I, and William Shakespeare.

(At the end of the task the teacher gives pupils the letters – L, I, U

Task 4. Your task is to find 5 words among the letters

(To give pupils the envelope with the texts)




The answers are:

1. Trade, bury, enter, path, argue

2. grave, hang, rock, modest, rescue

3. injury, devotion, smart, strike, stream

At the end of the task the teacher gives pupils the letters – A N, U A, B I

Task 5. Anagrams You’ll be given some words. But the order of the letters is wrong. Your task is to guess the words.


1.cathedral, argument, information, waterway, beach

2. skyscraper, desert, powerful, mixture, attraction

3. support, religion, constitution, senator, territory

At the end of the task the teacher gives pupils the last letters – C O, L S A , N R.

Now guess what words you can get from your letters. Great! They are : Scotland, Australia and Edinburg. Thank you for participation. (The teacher can give pupils some prizes)

Enclosed material:






1.tcaeharld, gurmaetn, tanrofminoit, teryawaw, caehb

2.repyksacrs, serted, weropluf, tuximre, cartniotta

3.trpuspo, gilernoi, titsuticonno, tenasro, tiryroret


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