Урок в форме глобального форума по теме Экология 8 класс




Учитель: Фомина Галина Георгиевна

Учащиеся готовятся к уроку, заранее пополняют свой словарный запас. Каждый из них изучает экологию страны и региона и готовит свой проект в рамках темы.

На уроке использую видеозапись об экологических проблемах в крае, страны. Дети проникаются чувством ответственности за чистоту на планете. Высказывают свои мысли о том, что они могут сделать, чтобы уберечь Землю от экологической катастрофы. Беседа ведется на английском языке.

Teacher (T): Today we’ll have our final lesson on the topic «Ecology».

We will discuss many important problems connected with our topic. With the help of he film you will exchange your opinions about these global problems, how to protect our Earth, how to prevent further pollution if the atmosphere and what urgent and necessary measures to undertake.

Now let’s watch the film about ecology.

Ведущий: Dear friends, you have just seen a film about the environmental situation in our country. As this problem is global, I want to discuss it. Please, be active in the discussion. Who wants to go first?

Pupil1 (P1): I do. The film and the words of the poem impressed me greatly. I am upset because we have just seen many polluted parts of our country. Now we know that buses and cars are the sources of pollution. We know that noise is a special kind of environmental pollution.

Ведущий: Why do you think environmental problems have become exceptionally acute in Russia? Who would like to discuss this?

P2: For a long time, too little attention was paid to the environment. Today the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worried what is happening to the environment because of modern industry and the need for more energy. Newspapers and magazines write about water, air and soil pollution. Now many parts of the world are overcrowded, people live in big cities and much of the waste, especially waste from factories, electric power stations, the chemical industry and heavy industry are very dangerous. Fish dies in lakes, rivers and seas, trees die too. Much of this dangerous waste goes into the air and is carried by winds for great distances. Global warming threatens to wreck the planet. Water is being used unsustainably and is running out. Animal and plant species are being wiped out.

P3: I would like to add something. The ecology situation has become very strained. In towns and cities there are many sources of environmental pollution. Because of economic difficulties, the Government skimped on measures to protect the environment from industrial pollution, as a result half of water sources are polluted with communal and industrial waste.

Ведущий: What other problems would you like to be discussed?

P4: People of the whole world must take urgent measures to protect the environment from further pollution of the land, water and air. The Earth is our home. We must take care of it. The importance of this task is pointed out by ecologists, scientists who study the relations between living things and their environment. Each of us must do everything possible to keep the land, air and water clean.

Ведущий: There is one else question: why is Russia cooperating in the field of environmental protection with other countries?

P5: Environmental protection is a universal concern of all people and countries. That is why Russia is cooperating in the field of environmental protection with the United States, Canada, Norway, Finland and other countries. People must discuss different ecological problems and make correct conclusions. Only common efforts of all the people of the world will help to stop further pollution of the Earth.

Ведущий: So, I want you to present your projects on the subject.

Презентация проекта ученицы Екатерины Цай (приложение №1)

Презентация проекта ученицы Санюк Анны (приложение №2)

Презентация проекта ученицы Айсиной Александры (приложение №3)

Презентация проекта ученицы Гроза Анастасии (приложение №4)

T: Dear boys and girls, now you know how dangerous the ecological situation on our Earth is. You are future engineers, scientists, railway workers, teachers, ecologists. You will continue addressing environmental problems which concern everyone. Positive results depend on serious attention of the people of the whole world to this problem. You will work out new projects, new slogans. You will be active members of the movement for protecting the environment from further pollution.

I want you to write reports entitled «Environmental Problems of Our Region». It will be your home task.

After the discussion of the ecological problems I want you to sing a song which sounds like a call to the peoples of the whole world to save the Earth. Please, sing a song.

«Kids for Saving Earth. Promise Song«.

The Earth is my home.

I promise to keep it healthy and


I will love the land, the air, the water and all living creatures.

I will save the Earth.

United with friends, I promise to keep it,

United with friends, I will love the land,

United with friends, I’ll be a defender,

I will save the Earth.

I will save the Earth.

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