Урок Travelling

Цель урока: создать содержательные и организационные условия для самостоятельного применения учащимися комплекса знаний и способов деятельности.

Образовательная— создать условия для применения знаний и умений в знакомой и новой учебных ситуациях;

Воспитательная— формировать интерес к культуре, истории и традициям страны изучаемого языка

— воспитывать культуру общения

Развивающая: — развивать память, внимание, наблюдательность, логическое мышление, эмоциональную и мотивационную сферу личности

— развивать учебно – информационные умения и навыки

— развивать коммуникативные умения и навыки

Good afternoon, boys and girls.

I am very glad to see you. Sit down, please

Today the theme of our lesson is “Travelling. Country. Traditions”. We’ll make a short travelling to our homeland-to Kazakhstan, we’ll speak about the history, customs and traditions of this country.

But how can we travel without any transport? Tell me how we can travel.

We can travel by…



Plane bus taxi

On board the ship

Answer the questions.

Which is the quickest method of travelling?

Which is the cheapest method of travelling?

Which is the most expensive method of travelling?

Which is the most comfortable method of travelling?

Let’s vote. Who wants to travel by plane?

Who wants to travel by train? (by car)

We chose the plane as our method of travelling.

-Now look at the screen. You can see two suitcases. Let’s pack the with the right words from the box below.

Travelling by bus Travelling by plane

Airport carriage

Railway station bus stop

Platform flight

Road traffic lights

Driver sleeping car

Dear friends, we are at the airport now. Look at the timetable. It is closed. Now let’s answer some questions to open it.


The place where we can buy tickets (a booking office)

A person who likes to travel (a traveller)

The place where we can ask about something we need (information office)

Many different things we take when we travel (luggage)

The place where customs officers check our luggage( customs)

The timetable is open. We can fly now to Kazakhstan.

-Dear boys and girls, we can see a citizen of Kazakhstan on the back seat.

Do you want to speak to him?

-Yes, we do.


-You are from Kazakhstan, aren’t you? I am going to spend a holiday there.

— Yes, I am. You are always welcome.

-When is a good time to go?

— Don’t go in winter. I mean from November to March, because the weather is very cold.

-What cities can I visit?

— I think you’d like Almaty. That’s the biggest city. And the capital Astana is very nice too.

-Is there plenty to see there?

-Yes, you can go skiing to Shymbulak, skating in the Medeo skating rink. You can visit Baiterek and Duman in Astana.

-Thank you very much. Good bye.


— Our flight is over. We are at the airport of Kazakhstan now. Look at the screen. You can see a picture of it. Let’s try to match all the words with the right place in the picture.

-Well done!

-Now let’s speak about Kazakh traditions. It was your hometask for today to prepare some reports with the pictures of traditions of the country we visit. You are welcome.

— Nairuyz

-Kurban Bairam

-Traditional Kazakh food

-Traditional Kazakh clothes

-And now let’s make and answer some questions about our travelling, beginning with the following words.

-Thank you for your good work today. The lesson is over.Good-bye

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