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Урок в 9 классе по теме «What is your favourite musical?»

Задачи урока: 1) обучать учащихся рассказывать о любимом мюзикле до уровня подготовленного монологического высказывания; 2) способствовать развитию памяти, воображения, языковой догадки, мышлению, логичности высказывания, умению обобщать и анализировать; 3) способствовать расширению страноведческого и общего кругозора (понятие «мюзикл», названия знаменитых американских мюзиклов: «Cats», «Chicago», «Jesus Christ — Superstar», композитор Lloyd Webber, голливудские актеры); 4) способствовать привитию интереса к классической музыке, опере и мюзиклам, содержащих духовно – нравственную идею, связанную с такими понятиями как: любовь, добро и зло.

Сопутствующие задачи: 1) тренировать звуки и интонацию; 2) слушать аутентичный текст и извлекать из него основную информацию (listening for the main idea).

Оснащение: 1) раздаточный материал – тексты

«The Phantom of the Opera»

2) мультимедийная презентация с кинофильмом

Ход урока:


T: Dear students! Hello! I’m glad to see you again! Could I have your attention, please! Listen now. (Учащиеся слушают музыкальную заставку к мюзиклу «Призрак оперы» ). Have you already guessed from what movie this music is?

P1: This pleasant music is from the musical «The Phantom of the Opera».

T: You’ re absolutely right! And what are we going to speak about today?

P2: About musicals, I think.

T: Sure! Our today’s topic is «What musicals do you know?».

Фонетическая зарядка

An English teenager, Sam Wilson didn’t like opera and classical music. He is fond of rock music. Two days ago they arrived in New York. Yesterday he and his girlfriend went to the Broadway and saw a famous American rock opera — musical «Jesus Christ — Superstar». Let’s read what he is telling now about his first impression of it and answer: What did he feel about the rock opera? (слайд 1)

«… That was really breathtaking! The musical show on the scene was far greater than anything I had ever seen before. I did like it! I discovered a new world… »

Did Sam enjoy opera or anything like that?

Where did they go yesterday?

What famous rock opera did they see?

Can you guess what he discovered?

Речевая зарядка

What is musical?

What famous musicals do you know? (Cлайд 2).

What outstanding American musician made music for most of the musicals?

What musicals did you watch?

What is your favorite musical? What do you feel about it?

Аудирование (текст о Бродвее и мюзикле «Чикаго», коммуникативная задача: What musical is on today on Broadway?)

Основной этап. Обучение монологическому высказыванию.

T: Dear students! Last year we watched a Hollywood film shot by Joel Schumacher «The Phantom of the Opera». It was a film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical. Now let’s remember what this story is about and answer the question: What is the main idea of the film?

«The Phantom of the Opera»

New words:

selfish – эгоистичный

recurrent trick – очередная выходка

to consider – считаться

deformed – уродливый

compassion – сострадание

assure – уверять

deceive – обманывать

The action took place in a Paris Opera in 1870. A leading opera singer Charlotte, a capricious and selfish woman, left the theatre because of a recurrent trick of the Phantom who was secretly the Master of the Opera. Nobody knew the man in the mask, but the theater people were afraid of his strange appearance. Only madam Gary knew the truth of his life. The boy with a deformed face was called «devil’s child» and he was shown people for money. He didn’t know compassion but violence. She hid him in the basements of the theatre from the cruel world.

Christine, a young and beautiful girl, danced in the theatre. But she had a brilliant voice and dreamt of opera singing. Her father, a Swedish violinist, died and promised to send her the Angel of Music. The Phantom was a perfect musician and he taught the girl vocal art because he loved her and wanted her to be a “prima donna” of the opera. Christine thought that he was the spirit of her father. She trusted him but the phantom deceived her because of his ugly face. He decided to take her with him and married her when he understood that she had loved another man, Raul who became the owner of the theatre. Raul was Christine’s friend in their childhood. When he met her again after her first successful singing on the stage, his love to Christine broke out again. Because of his love to the girl, the phantom broke all laws of society. The end of the story is really sad for the Phantom and happy for the young couple.

This story is about strong love feelings, which can change a person for the better or can turn him into a monster. It teaches us to be merciful and noble, kind and forgivable.

Ex.1 Find English equivalents to the following Russian words and expressions:

Действие; происходить; оперная певица; капризная и эгоистичная; очередная выходка; Призрак; негласно; считаться; внешний вид; правда жизни; уродливый; быть поруганным; сострадание; великолепный; скрипач; вокальное искусство; дух; уверить; обманывать; безобразный; жениться; вспыхивать; нарушить законы общества; превращать; милосердный и благородный.

Ex. 2 True, false or no information?:

The action took place in London.

The Phantom was considered the Master of the Opera.

People in the theater were kind to him.

Madam Gary knew nothing about his life.

People weren’t compassioned to him.

Christine was a pop singer.

The Phantom was a good musician.

She thought that he was the Angel of Music or the spirit of his father.

The Phantom deceived her because he was very poor.

Raul loved Christine for her beauty.

The story is about brave people, who saved each other.

Ex. 3 Answer the following questions:

Where and when did the action take place?

What is Charlotte?

What was the Phantom secretly?

What did people feel about him?

Who knew the truth of his life?

Why was he called “devil’s child”?

Where did she hide him?

What was Christine?

What did she think of the Phantom?

Did the Phantom really love her?

Why did he deceive her?

What did the Phantom decide to do?

What was Raul?

Did he love Christine?

What is the end of the story?

What is the main idea of the film?

Can love and evil be together?

Ex. 4 Retell the story, using this scheme:

I’d like to tell about …. It is called …

The action …. in…

The main character, the Phantom was secretly ….

People in the theater ….

Madam … knew ……. He was called …. And shown …

The Phantom …. a beautiful …. with …. and wanted …..

Christine thought …..but she loved ….

Because of his love to …..

The story is…which …

And it teaches us ….

The musical was really…I did like it!

Домашнее задание: посмотрите какой – нибудь известный мюзикл и расскажите о нем (основной идее, главных героях, чему он учит вас)

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