Урок совершенствования речевых навыков в 10 классе по теме What is real love

“What is real love?”

Lesson 1

Ex. 1 Study the list of new words and word – expressions from the text and translate them.

resonate –

raise –

relief –

devastate –

earthquake —

Ex. 2 Read the text and answer these questions: Does real love exist? If yes, what does it look like?

What the world needs today

Everyone is looking for love. But what is the love we all want and need? How will we know when we’ve found it? Some think of “being in love” as an unexplainable feeling that we “fall in and out of”. And other people even don’t believe in its existence.

When John Lennon sang, “All we need is love”, much of his generation sang with him. According to the song, the world doesn’t need any more mountains to climb or rivers to cross.

The theme of this song of the 60s strikes a note that resonates in all of us. Each year we buy millions of roses and boxes of candy for Valentine’s Day. We raise relief money for communities devastated by hurricane, fire, flood, or earthquake. And we “applaud” the actions of people who try to help troubled families, brining them money, food, toys. These people think they can show a little love. If love offered was always returned, there would be enough to go around. If love always won the day, many more of us would be inspired to act lovingly even in the toughest circumstances. But love is not always returned.

Love often means different things to different people. It is:

a feeling between a man and a woman that may not last.

a euphemism for a sexual relationship.

self – sacrificing action on behalf of others (a family, friends, kids, old people, a disabled person).

acceptance without criticism.

being more honest than nice.

The danger is that when a word can mean so many different things, it can end up meaning nothing at all. Two people might commit themselves to love each other but have different ideas of what it means.

An equal danger is to assume that because love is so unpredictable, there are more important to think about. But on this point, the apostle Paul wrote that without love, our words are noise, our spiritual gifts amount to nothing, and our greatest sacrifices lose their meaning. These words were written to people who knew the importance of personal commitment and sacrifice. And do you understand the wise man’s idea?

Ex.3 Find English equivalents from the text to the following Russian words and word – combinations:

Искать, необъяснимый, существование, поколение, сообщество, семья, в трудной жизненной ситуации, быть вдохновленным, сложные обстоятельства, отношения, акт самопожертвования, человек с ограниченными возможностями, непредсказуемый, духовные дары, мудрец.

Ex.4 What statements are true or false?

We all want and need love that we are looking for.

Love is a complicated feeling for most of us.

Some people even think that it really exists.

The Beatles sang that love is the only thing we need.

On Valentine’s Day sweet hearts give flowers and chocolate candy to each other.

Some people help the families that are in difficult situations.

Love means different things to people who don’t think of it.

Love is sexual relationship between men and women.

Love starts with a self – sacrifice action.

The apostle Paul wrote if a person can remove mountains, but has not love, he is nothing.

Ex. 5 Answer the questions:

Are you looking for love?

Do you believe that true love exists?

Have you ever listened to the Beatles music?

Do you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever helped a troubled person?

Have you ever been inspired to act lovingly?

Do you agree that love has different meanings?

How do you understand the apostle’s words? “…Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, but have not love, it profits me nothing”.

Ex. 6 Tell what the world needs today, using this scheme:

I think, everyone is looking for…

Some people think that love …

A famous English pop – singer once sang …

The theme of the song…

We raise relief money for… and we are fascinated by the actions …

love means … It is…

But on this point, the apostle Paul …

I quite agree/disagree with these words because…

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