Урок совершенствования речевых навыков в 10 классе по теме Love and music of the King

Lesson 3, “ Love and music of the King”

Ex. 1 Study the list of these words, please.

B.C – до нашей эры

stringed — струнный

мighty – могущественный

enemy – враг

conquer – завоевать

prayer – молитва

Ex. 2 Read the text and answer these questions: What was the music of David’s soul? Why was his love unhappy?

“ Love and music of the King”

Many centuries ago B.C there was a king of Israel whose name was David. He had lots of troubles during his lifetime just to become a mighty king. In his green years he won a giant. Do you know this biblical story?

The enemies of Israel wanted to conquer the Promised Land but David fought against them with the help of God. He loved the Lord and devoted lots of psalms to Him. David prayed and asked for God’s support in difficult situations. While praising the Lord he used a special stringed musical instrument (a prayer was like a musical poetry). This music gave him strength, hope and great faith.

And as for David’s love, the Bible says that one day in the evening, when he walked on the roofing of his king’s palace, he saw a beautiful woman called Bathshiba. She bathed in her house. The king fell in love with her and sent his slave to take and bring her to him. He had a night with her and wanted the woman to be his wife. But she had a husband. David decided to get rid of him and he sent this man to the battle where he was killed. Bathshiba delivered a son to David and became his wife. He was very happy but the Lord punished the king for his sin. The baby died. It was a sad day for David. All his life he felt his fault before God and lost His blessing.

Ex. 2 Find English equivalents to the following Russian ones:

До нашей эры; евреи; много страдать; могущественный; в молодости; библейский; враг; Земля Обетованная; псалом; хвалить; струнный; сила; вера; кровля; купаться; влюбиться; изнасиловать; избавиться; битва; родить сына; грех; благословление.

Ex. 3. Answer the following questions:

When did the king of Israelites live?

Who did he win when he was a young man?

What did the enemies want to do?

Who helped David?

What way did he love God?

What did he used while praising?

What did the music gave him?

How did he fall in love?

What did the king do with Bathshiba’s husband?

Did she become his wife?

Why did the Lord punish the king?

What did the king feel about his sin?

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