Урок развития умений диалогической речи в 9 классе по теме Я верю в свободу и счастье

Урок развития умений диалогической речи

в 9 классе по теме «I believe in liberty and happiness», раздел 2

Учебник «Happy English. ru» Кауфман М.Ю.

Задачи урока: 1) учебные – а) ознакомить учащихся с лексикой урока и тренировать в ее употреблении до уровня предложения; б) обучать учащихся вести полилог по теме урока, в соответствии с ролевой ситуацией; 2) развивающие – а) способствовать развитию самостоятельности и воли учащихся, используя творческие задания и проблемные ситуации; б) способствовать развитию памяти, мышления, догадки, воображения; 3) образовательная– способствовать развитию страноведческого кругозора (The Statue of Liberty, John Rockefeller, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin и т.д.); воспитательные – а) способствовать воспитанию гражданской и нравственной позиции учащихся в вопросах свободы и поиска счастья; б) способствовать формированию мировоззренческих идей, воспитанию целеустремленности и организованности; в) способствовать привитию этических норм поведения в обществе, воспитание толерантности к иноязычной культуре (The United State of America)

Оснащение: 1) мультимедийная презентация

2) музыкальная запись песни «I’m sailing» Rod Stewart

Ход урока:

1 Орг. Момент

T: Hi, dear students! Are you glad to see one another again? Yes, sure. I believe, that each person would like to be happy here and now. Do you agree with me? What is happiness for you?

St1: I think, happiness is the top moment of your life, when you feel excited and inspired.

St2: To my mind, happiness is your family, your friends, good and kind people around you.

St3: In my opinion, happiness is the freedom of your thoughts and actions in the frame of law of society.

T: Yes, you are all right. Today, we’ll speak about the topic “ I believe in liberty happiness”

2. Фонетическая зарядка

The third President of the USA Thomas Jefferson wrote in his Declaration of Independence. Now let’s read it and answer the question: What are the rights of all men according to Jefferson?

We hold these truths to be self – evident:

All men are created equal,

That they are endowed by their Creator

with certain inalienable rights,

among these are: life, liberty and persuit of happiness.”

3. Основной этап. Обучение диалогической речи.

1) Ознакомление с лексикой и ее тренировка.

T: Dear students! Do you happen to know what John Rockefeller was? He was a rich aristocrat in America. But he didn’t just believe in money, but in people too. He built the Rockefeller Center during the Great Depression. He was a wise and interesting man who believed in human values which cannot be apart from happiness and freedom. You’ll learn them, but before this, let’s learn some new words:

human values – челов. ценности

It doesn’t matter – не имеет значение

imply – подразумевать

obligation – обязанность

endure – соблюдать

dignity – величие

2) Аудирование

I’d like you to listen to what he believed and answer: What did he tell about God and love?

I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity – an obligation; every possession – a duty.

I believe that the law was made for man and not for the law, that the government is the servant of the people, and not their master.

I believe that truth and justice are fundamental to an enduring social order.

I believe in the dignity of labour, whether with head and hand.

I believe in the sacredness of promise, that a man’s word should be as good as bond.

I believe in all – wise and all loving God. Religion doesn’t matter, but it’s important to believe in Him.

I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world which gives men happiness, overcomes hate and evil.

3) Проверка домашнего задания

T: Did you write at home about your human values starting with the words – I believe… (Учащиеся читают свои цитаты)

4) Викторина «American Founding Fathers»

T: Do you know the founding fathers of American Liberty and Democracy, famous Americans who worked hard to make people of this country independent and happy?

Chose the correct answer:

He wrote the Declaration of Independence

F. D. Roosevelt b) F.Wright c) Th. Jefferson

He believed that only in a democratic country like America could a poor boy have the possibility of becoming one of the most famous and powerful men in the world.

B. Franklin b) A. Lincoln c) S. Spielberg

He led the American Army in many battles during the war for American Independence.

A. Lincoln b) G. Washington c) G. Bush

He was the 16th President of the USA.

R. Nickson b) A. Lincoln c) B. Obama.

He was also a self – taught architect.

G. Washington b) Th. Jefferson c) A. Lincoln

5Музыкальная пауза

T: Rod Steward, a famous American rock singer in his famous song also tells about freedom and happiness. But he can’t see these two notions without God. Let’s sing along!

6 Работа с диалогом

T: Olga Pavlova who lives in New York, her grandson John, Lisa Korolyova, a Russian student is at the Statue of Liberty now. Listen to their conversation and answer the question: What does Lisa tell about the Statue of Liberty?

Olga: My parents came to America many years ago and brought with them. I was little, but I remember the first thing I saw …

Lisa: Oh, It was the Statue of Liberty, wasn’t it?

Olga: Yes, It was great!

Lisa: It is one of those American symbols which nobody believes any more. Everything in New York is about money. There are still many poor people in the streets. Is that liberty and happiness?

John: And what is happiness and liberty for you?

Lisa …

John: Lisa, do you know the founding fathers of American democracy?

Lisa: Yes, I remember some of them. They are…

Olga: They also wanted America to be free and its people to be happy. And even very rich man … who … once wrote. He wrote: ….

Lisa: Very impressive words!

John: Can you tell me about liberty and happiness in Russia?

Lisa: OK. It’ll be at the tea party.

7 Домашнее задание

Напишите эссе о том, чтобы Лиза рассказала Джону о свободе и счастье в России.

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