Урок по темеHobbies


The 6 th Form

Teacher: Zadubenko A. S.

План — конспект открытого урока по английскому языку в 6 классе

Тема: Hobbies

Цель: 1. Обучение детей монологическому высказыванию

Тренировка учащихся в аудировании

Совершенствование навыков письма

Привитие детям эстетического вкуса

Оборудование: коллекции марок , монет, картин, книг, камней, журналы о футболе, о спорте. Ход урока: 1.0ргмомент

Приветствие.Объявление цели урока

Good morning boys and girls! How are you today? I’m glad to see you!

We’ll begin our lesson with the topic «Hobby».

We’ll decide what hobbies are popular with people of all age. We’ll begin with the test. Now open your exercise-books and write the date. Today we’ll write short story about Ann.

Текст диктанта:

Ann is fond of collection stamps. She has a good collection. It is thematic. Her theme is sport. Ann is proud of her collection. Her friend specializes in collecting badges.

Now check up your test and give me your exercise-book. Для проверки трудные слова выписываются на доске.

Now listen the text and answer my questions.

Hobby is something a person likes to do. Different people have different hobbies. Some people collect things like stamps, badges, books. Others have sports as their hobbies. Many people say that reading or traveling are their hobbies.

It’s nice to have a hobby. Hobby teaches people to plan the life and time. Some hobbies teach us to make useful things, develop their mind and body.

5.Ответь на вопросы по тексту:

What is hobby?

Do different people have different hobbies?

What things do people collect?

Is traveling an interesting hobby?

5 Do hobbies help you to plan life and time?

6What can hobbies help to develop?

Now listen to the short stories and guess what hobby it is?

Some people like to dance. Sometimes they go to the special clubs or dance at home. They like to go to a disco. P — dancing

They can play football or hockey, swim or run very well. People like to go to the stadium or to the sports ground. P — sports

People like to sing song. Sometimes they go to the music school. They like to listen to the songs and sing them. P — singing

A lot of people like to have pets at home. They take care of them; go for a walk with their dogs. They like to read books or watch films about animals. P — animals, pets

Каждая группа заполняет карту-хобби.

Let us make a scheme [ski: m] of hobby. Write what kind of hobby do

you know? What is the most popular hobby today?

collecting books

Now I propose you to choose your hobby and prove that your hobby is the most interesting and important.

Несколько учащихся готовят сообщения по своим коллекциям. Остальные работают по карточкам.

I have got a friend. His name is Bob.

Bob has got an interesting… (1)collecting

He likes… (2) car models. It is a… (3)helps

hobby, because it… (4) Bob to… (5)big

his time. It… (6) his mind. Bob hasshows

got a… (7) collection of models.hobby

Very often he… (8) this collection tonice

his friend. It’s fun to watch the carsdevelops

and sometimes to play with them.plan

11. Примерные рассказы ученика о своем хобби:

My hobby is sports. I am fond of football. I think I can play football well. I like to watch football matches on TV. We often play football at the stadium or at the school sports ground. To my mind a lot of people of different ages care for football. My hobby helps me to be strong and healthy. Football is useful because it can teach people to plan their life and time and our life becomes more interesting.

Collecting stamps is very popular hobby. Many children collect stamps. They keep their stamps in stamp albums.

Stamps are usually very beautiful. They have different pictures on them. You can see stamps with pictures of animals or flowers.

Stamps can show famous people, famous things or places. Most stamps show the name of the country they come from. Only British stamps have always a picture of Queen Elizabeth.

Some children have big collection of stamps. They often show their stamps to friends or exchange them

10. Образцы карточек:


My His Jane’s









book about the country


useful things



Collecting stamps is useful and interesting. It helps you to develop your mind because you learn about the world around us. This hobby helps you to plan your life and time.

Проверка работ по карточкам.

Some children have just told us about books, traveling, stamps, stones and films.

Have you ever heard of Walt Disney? What is he famous for? Let’s read the text about Walt Disney. Чтение I части текста и ответы на вопросы по тексту.

Подведение итогов урока. Выставление оценок. Домашнее задание

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