урок по английскому языку в 8 классе по теме Дом моей мечты

Урок №69

Тема: Межличностное взаимодействие в семье

Урок: Защита по теме «Мой дом-моя крепость» «Дом моей мечты»

Развитие умений и навыков устной речи по теме «Контроль письма»

Цель: 1) Совершенствование коммуникативное-творчество умений по теме «Дом моей мечты»

Задачи: 1) Активизация изученного лексико-грамматического материала в разных видах речевой деятельности.

Выработка у учащихся объективной оценки своих достижений.

Развитие уверенности в себе.

Поддержаниеинтереса к изучению иностранного языка.

Развитиетворческих способностей.

Оборудование: Проекты, рисунки, презентации по теме «Мой дом моей мечты»; компьютер, проектор, магнитофон.

Ход урока.

Организационные моменты. Good morning, dear pupils and quests. I’m very glad to see you at our lessons. I’m sure that you are all right and ready to work hard at our lesson, aren’t you? So, it’s start our lesson.

слайд- The theme of our lesson is «The House my Dream»

слайд-We are going to speak about your houses, flats, rooms, about where you’d like to live; you’ll show your know ledge of English in the dialogues, reading, listening and writing.

Phonetic exercises T: let’s brush up our speech lesion to me carefully.


You might live in a castleHome is where the heart is

Or in a tent by the seaIrs coin forting to know

You might live in a windmillWhen yoifre lost and lonely

Oh! High up in a treeYou ve got some where to go

Some people live with peopleyour worries disappear

While others live alonewhen you come in

But we can be at home.Through your front door

And all your stress and troubles Don’t mailer anymore.

Listen to me carefully.

Let’s translate it.

Head the’s rhyme. Pay yourattention into the intonation 4 слайд and pronunciation on.

3. Speech exercises. 1) What can you say about these words Let’s disuse it lesing the next parses. P. To my mind each person must have his our house: small or big, beautiful or ugly. P.. It seems to me people must have a rest at home, a rest from all troubles, stress. P… I Think A home can keep us safe.

P…. I guess it is very important. The houses must be comfortable, clean and content all modern conveniences. Looking through the next photos say to me, please T: Where can people live? In-the skyscraper

Tent, caravan, log cabin, palace, wigwam. Where do kings and queens live? Where do American people live? Where can we live traveling by can? Listening: The song Ex за p, 81.

слайд. Listen to the song and fill in the gaps. Read it please. How have you filled in the gaps? Where would the man like? Will you check, please.

слайд. What is unnecessary ward in every line?

Bedroom, flat living-room, bathroom, quest room.

Table, bed, bookshelf, wall. Chair.

A poster, a picture, an armchair, shelves, chairs.

Windows, doors, tables a picture, shelves, chairs.

E) put clown the letters in order making the words an the theme «House» and write down them.


Demoor ( bedroom) Talf (flat) Omor (room) Chenkit (kitchen) Mroot hab (bath toom) Idi ngn omor (Dining-room)


Answer to the questions.

Where do you live?

I s your house for from the school?

What modern convinces are there in your flat/house?

Which Is the biggest room in your house? . 5. Where do you usually meet to gether?

The work with the vocabulary.

Look through the list and tick the facilities you use in your homes now days. Put them in the order from the most important to the least important for you. Central heatinggassatellite TV

Cold/not running waterbath/showerThe Internet

Electricityhashing machete


PI. I think, the most important is facility is

P2. The second

P3. We can’t live without.

T: letvs do the physical exercises. Reading Ex lp 90

Will you text and be ready to answer true or false? Katy wants to have entertainment centre with a big sky-screen TV. (+) Katy has an older brother (-) Tom likes sport (+) Richard s hobby is collecting posters of flowers(+)

The dialogue.

T: What kinds of houses would you like to have? Let’s work with the computer.

The presentation.

T: What else is important for you to feel comfortable in your fantasy room/house? You know that in 2014 in Sochi there will be the Olympic Games. You want to take part in watching them. You must make the presentations of your houses in Sochi. We’ll take part in the ex ribbon.. At home you had to prepare your projects.. The room/house of my dream.»

This ron will give us presentations.

This ron will be experts.

T: So display your room/house designs.

T: And you listen to the presentations and fill in the elealuation cards.

You will be experts of originality.

You will be experts of well-organizing houses.

You will be experts of clear explanations.

Experts: they are original, well organic sea. But to my mind the project of (name) is worth of high attention. Because it is bright, modern, very interesting (name) showed the house inside and outside. It is very beautiful project. The rooms are well furniture. I would live in such house.

Home task: Imagine that you are a student. You must write down a letter to your parents about your room in the hostel.

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