Урок домашнего чтения в 5 классе The magic wishing-tree039-039-

Урок домашнего чтения в 4 классе “The magic wishingtree

Цели: развивать умение читать с полным пониманием содержания; совершенствовать речевые навыки на основе прочитанного опыта. Развивать мышление, память; формировать познавательный интерес учащихся к предмету.

Оборудование: презентация «Д.Биссет и его сказки», карточки с заданиями.

Ход урока.

I.Организационный момент. Выход на тему урока.

Good morning, my friends! It’s nice to see again. Let us begin our lesson. First of all answer my questions.

-Why do you like reading?

-Have you got any dream?

-Is your dream extraordinary?

-Do you want your dream come true?

-When is your birthday?

-What would you like to have as a Birthday present?

Today at our lesson we should read a fairy- tale about the magic tree. The author of this story is Donald Bisset. D. Bisset was an actor, an artist and a children writer. He wrote and published more than 20 books. His stories “Binky and his stripes”, ”The useful dragon”, “The quacking letter-box’’ were among them.

II.Основная часть.

Pre-reading activities. Before our reading look at the blackboard and read the words.

a person [ˊpɜ:sn]

to sell, [sel],[sould]

a blackbird [ˊblækbə:d]

to repeat [riˊpi:t]

instead [inˊstead]

beneath [biˊni:θ]

-try to pronounce these words correctly;

-match the words and their transcriptions.

Reading activities.

Pupils read the fairy-tale “Magic wishing-tree” by D. Bisset and try to get as much information as they can.

Post-reading activities.

a)find in the text and read the following statements:

1)Если кто-нибудь вставал под дерево и желал чего-нибудь, то это желание исполнялось.

2)Он продавал мыло в деревне.

3)Как только он это произнес, все дети оказались на Луне.

4)Черный дрозд сказал очень быстро:

«Я желаю, чтоб мистер Смит стал добрым.»

5)Я позволю каждому называть меня Билл Смит.

b) Say true or false.

1) There was a magic tree in the forest.

2) William Smyth sold soap in a shop in the village.

3) He didn’t like cats and dogs.

4)A blackbird was kind and cheerful.

5)Mr. Smyth wanted to invite all the children to tea.

C)Take your card. Choose the correct answer and finish the sentence.

1.Everybody who …under the tree and wished would have his wish come true(sat, visited, stood)

2.William Smyth wished all the…and…who lived near him were on the moon.

3.A….helped Mr. Smyth to become good(ladybird, blackbird, swallow)

4.Mr.Smyth wished all the children would come to…(breakfast, tea, lunch)

5.They would have….and orange jelly and lemonade (biscuits, cakes, pies).

d)Say some sentences about Mr. Smyth using the words around him.

didn’t like girls and boys

became glad and cheerful

Bill Smith

didn’t like birds

lived alone and liked silence

«I would like to sell sweets!»

liked sweets, cakes, honey

was fat and unhappy

We worked hard. Let’s have a rest and sing a song.(Pupils sing «Annie’s song»).

III.Подведение итогов уроков.

Our lesson is almost over. You’re all clever, attentive and brave. Your home task is ex.14,p.33 in your workbooks. Good luck!

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