Урок английского языка в 6 классе УМК Биболетова МЗ и др Enjoy English 6

Урок английского языка в 6 классе

Учебник “Enjoy English” 6 авторы: Биболетова М.З и др.

Unit 7 Обобщающий урок по теме «Дом, милый дом»

Цели урока:

Совершенствование иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции по теме «Дом»

Развитие творческого потенциала учащихся

Формирование общеучебных умений ( умение работать в разных режимах; работать с аудиоматериалом, перерабатывать его, отбирать нужную информацию; умение самостоятельно преодолевать трудности, возникающие при изучении иностранного языка)

Ход урока

Оргомент, введение в тему урока

-Good morning students.

-What date is it today?

-What day of the week is it today?

-It is a difficult day for you, isn’t it? Why?

I want you to have a rest and so we are going to have an unusual beginning of the lesson.

-Do you like watching cartoons? I want you to watch extracts from a very interesting cartoon.

Watch it and try to guess what we are going to talk about.

Have you guessed what the topic of our lesson is?

2. Формирование навыков говорения (монологическая форма речи)

Базовый уровень –Who is the main character of the cartoon?

Повышенный уровень — What problem did the rabbit have?

Is it interesting to know if Arnoub found a good house with a plesant neighbour?

Высокий уровень сложности -You may ask Kirill about it because he has read this fairy-tale.

Whom did he meet?

As you watched he met the bird, the fox,the hen, and the lion

Why didn’t he want to live with them?

The bird didn’t have any place in her nest,

The fox had sharp teeth

The hen didn’t have her own house

The lion frightened Arnoub

Did he find a house with a good neighbour?

Of course, he did. It was a lovely Arnouba, anoter rabbit

3. Развитие языковой догадки

It was an Arabic fairy-tale but what other fairy-tales about homes do you know?

Базовый уровень Try to guess what fairy-tale is it? (Презентация)

The Cat’s House

The three little pigs

The Aladdin’s Lamp

The Little log house (What is the Russian for log (бревно)?) It is material the houses are made of

The Hare’s Small Hut (What is the Russian for hut (хибарка, лачужка, хижина)?)

4.Развитие умений аудирования (страноведение)

-I see you now fairy tales well.But now it’s high time to talk about real English houses.

Базовый уровень Look at the pictures and name the types of these houses. (Презентация)

-When we choose a house to live in we often read, watch or listen to advertisements.

Listen to ads and try to guess the type of the house.

It is a 2 -storey building with a big garden at the back and a very small garden at front. There are 3 bedrooms, asitting room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It is situated in a resedential area , called Blumsberry.(semi-detaced house or detaced house)

It ia a beautiful tenth floor building in central London with lots of flats and 2 lifts.(block of flats)

This house joined to a row of other houses in a quiet street , far from the center of London (terraced house)

Повышенный уровень -Why do you think so? Prove your opinion.

Развитие умений говорения (монологическая форма речи)

Высокий уровень сложности

There are different kinds of houses in Great Britain.

— Do we have these houses in Russia?

-And now I want us to discuss the houses of our dream. Ira has done the class survey and now we will know what houses you would like to live in.

I have interviewed 15 students from our group about what type of house they want to live in. Here is the result of my survay.

1 student wants to live in a semidetached house

2 students want to live in a terraced house

12 students dream about of a detached house

As you see a detached house is a leader of my survay.

Развитие умений чтения (извлечение основной информации)

Базовый уровень

Let’s imagine that you have bought the house of your dream. And what do people do after that?

Read the poem and try to guess the last line of it.

(Повышенный уровень)

The lamp is in the fridge.

The fridge is on the piano.

The piano is on the sofa.

The cat is on the stool.

What has happened to my flat?

………………………… (We are moving!!!!!-says my cat)

When we are moving our flat looks like a real mess.

6.Физ. минутка.

Imagine yourselves as a fridge with a lamp inside you

Imagine yourselves as a sofa with a piano on you

Imagine yourselves as a cat sitting on the stool

Imagine yourself as a lorry with a lot of furniture.

7.Формирование умений аудирования (полное понимание)

We have moved to our new flat and now it’s time to decorate our room.

Высокий уровень сложности

Today Lera will be a designer. She has a set of furniture, glue and a couple of minutes. Try to make your room comfortable and cosy.

8.Совершенствование лексических навыков

Базовый уровень While she is working let’s remember what makes our flats comfortable and cosy.(презентация со словами)

If we want to describe our flats we should know the prepositions of place. Look at the picture for a minute and try to remember where the cats are. (Презентация)

Дети смотрят на картинку в течение 1 минуты, затем картинка закрывается, и дети по памяти называют, где коты и их количество)

7.Формирование умений аудирования(полное понимание )

Lera is ready to describe her room.

Don’t show us your project. You shoul describe it and we try to unerstand you and draw room.

Listen to her attentively and draw your picture and Lera will choose the best one

9. Развитие умений письма

Высокий уровень сложности

Let’s summarize and write a sinquain about the house. You know how to write it but if you have forgotten look at the screen and fresh your memory.

Who wanst to read the sinquaine.

10. Рефлексия

Did you like our lesson?

Was it usefull for you?

11. Homework:

Lera, Dima and Kirill, you should write a mini-essay on the topic “ The house of my dream”

All the rest, you may choose: W/B ex.43p.68 or St. book ex 12,13 p.141

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