Урок английского языка в 3 классе по теме Тело человека

Предмет: английский язык. Тип урока: комбинированный.

Тема: Тело человека.

Планируемое количество часов: 1.

3 класс.

Учитель английского языка Арутюнова Екатерина Валерьевна

МОУ СОШ №5 г.Лермонтова.

Конспект урока.

Организационный момент:

Is it the 3 rd class? Yes, It is

Oh, I am in time

Hello boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. –Hello

Today we are going to have fun, because English is a great fun, isn’t it?

Пою песенку: How do you do?

How do you do?

I am very pleased to meet you

I am very pleased to meet you

How do you do?

How do you do?

Happy to see everybody today

As for me, I am OK.( A SMILING FACE)

You have 2 faces. A smiling face and a gloomy one.

So repeat after me.

Smiling, gloomy (вертеть в руках несколько раз, чтоб запомнили)

And what about you? show me please

If you are OK – show me а smiling face (ПОКАЗАТЬ)

If you are not — show me а gloomy face

So, how are you now?

F.E. It is a smiling face. It has got 2 eyes, one nose, one mouth

Touch your ears

Touch your eyes

Show me your nose

Clap your hands

Oh, well done

Oh, oh where is my happy symbol?

I always take it with me. It helps me in my life. Where is it?

To find it, we should do a phonetical exercise.

Take card # 1. You should repeat after the speaker. Ready? Start.

Ex. 1

And now, repeat after me (please)

Oh, this is my friend. (ПОКАЗАТЬ ИГРУШКУ И НА ЭКРАНЕ). His name is ROBBY.

But let’s leave him for some minutes

Целеполагание. And now look at the screen. NOSE, TEETH, FEET, KNEE – WHAT are these words for?

Are these words for sport?

Are these words for animals

Are these words for food

Are these words for family

Are these words for post office

Are these words for our body

Sure! Our body. We’ll try to describe a person today.

But first let’s work on some structures. We need some symbols. Take card # 2. Look at it.

He =

a long nose

She =


We =

They = 2 legs



Объяснить: have got is the same as have.

has got is the same as has.

I have got a nose I the same as I have a nose

Take your card #3, please. Find the rule. About English sentences. Masha, read

Английское предложение имеет строгий порядок слов.

First comes – he, she, I, you

Then Have


And then comes blue eyes

I have 2 legs. Let me make some sentences. Составить несколько предложений с I, he, we

Do you understand me? If you do – show me a smiling face.

If you don’t – gloomy one.

Ok, let’s play a game.

On the table you can see some cards: blue, dark blue and green. Find them please.

Masha, you are «Have or Has» now. You should find your place in the sentence. Stand here please.

And now show me blue and dark blue cards.

Ok, Valya come to the blackboard please.

And now who has green cards. Show me, please.

Ok. Sonya, come to the blackboard, please.

Now let’s make a sentence. Masha, Find your place in the sentence.

Ok, let’s see. We have the first sentence.

We have 6 ears.

Let’s read it together.

Thank you, students, go back to your places.

Ok, Sasha come to the blackboard please. Stand here, please.

Vova, come to the blackboard, please.

Let’s make another sentence. Masha, Find your place in the sentence, please.

Pasha, read please.

I have blue eyes.

Thank you, students, go back to your places.

Ok, Oleg come to the blackboard please. Stand here, please.

Olya, come to the blackboard, please.

Let’s make another sentence. Masha, Find your place in the sentence, please.

He has a funny face.

Pasha, read it please.

Thank you. (Последняя пара остается)Let’s translate it into Russian. Oleg, please.

У него забавное лицо. Any other variants?

Забавное лицо у него.

You can say. Лицо у него забавное.

Olya and Petya come to the blackboard, please.

Look at our symbols. Let’s make changes in Russian sentence. We can do it in Russian, but not in English.

Hold your hands please. (English sentence)

You see, it’s not possible in English.

Oh this magic English.

Закрепление. “Catch a mistake ”

Let’s play a game. On the blackboard, you see some sentences. But each sentence has a mistake. Find and catch it. That means «Слови ошибку»

Ok Are you ready to play?

Let’s play.

Look at the blackboard, please. Is it right?

He have 2 ears. Next please.

She a face has.

have we white teeth. Is it right?


Oh, now you are ready to be real detectives.

Somebody is wanted. Who is it? If we make puzzles, we will find this person. Face your friends. Each group has an envelope. Now, open it please. You should make this puzzles and put your pictures on the blackboard. One, two, three – start. (Песенка)

So let’s guess who is wanted. Read the advert. You can take card № 4. One minute to look through the text

He has 2 legs, big ears, big round eyes, smiling face, 8 fingers, and a long, long nose.

Who is it? Sure, it’s Buratino.

Why not Мальвина, not Чебурашка? Find in the text.

Good detectives.

Monologue speech.

Let’s turn over to my happy symbol Robby. And now make up a story about him. It’s not easy but I think we’ll do it. I shall start.

He has a big round eyes.

Oh, we have done it. What clever students! Look he is so handsome, isn’t he?


He is not only handsome; he has a big kind heart. Heart – сердце. Repeat after me. He loves all the children. So do I. and I want to give you some pieces of my heart, because now you are my friends. Раздаю сердечки.

It’s for you, Mary.

Thank you for your work.

Nice to meet you.

I am very glad to see you.

As for me I want to say thank you for your work today. You worked excellently today. You are the best.

Home work

Ответьте на вопрос: Какие еще существуют тела?

And now what do you think about the lesson? Show me your faces. Do you like it?

It’s time to say “good buy”

Let’s sing a song together. It has got only 2 words – say “good buy”- good buy – 5 раз

Good buy darlings. See you later.

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