Урок английского языка по теме An Apple а Day Keeps а Doctor Away

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение школа Чехов-3 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов

г.Чехов-3 Московская область

Урок английского языка по теме

«An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away»

УМК Биболетова М.З. 8 класс

Составитель: учитель английского языка

Моор А.А.

2013 г.

«Good health is a strong, energetic body and mind working together and growing together challenging the world and being challenged by the world».

Цель урока: привитие учащимся навыков межличностного общения, умения инициировать и поддерживать беседу, а также контроль усвоения лексических единиц и использования их в речевых блоках, как в диалогической, так и в монологической речи по теме: «An Apple A Day Keeps A Doctor Away».


Учебная задача: контроль усвоения языкового материала и следующих грамматических тем: употребление модальных глаголов must, should, артикль с названиями болезней, Present, Past Simple Tenses, глагол to be в Past Simple Tenses, построение отрицательных и вопросительных предложений, использование выражений частности, потребление повелительного наклонения в связных высказываниях и использовании их диалогической и монологической речи.

Развивающая задача: Обучение устной речи — диалогической с элементами монологической речи, обработка лексических единиц в речевых блоках, в связных высказываниях и реальных ситуациях. При этом совершенствуются произносительные навыки учащихся: фонетика, английская интонация (логическое ударение, ритм), развитие у учащихся интереса к языку, преодоление языкового барьера, для обеспечения эффективной учебной деятельности учащихся.

Воспитательная задача: научить детей адаптироваться в реальных ситуациях — делается акцент на этикетные нормы. В качестве непременного условия выдвигается вежливый, доброжелательный и доверительный тон общения. Развитие у учащихся внимания, веры в себя, в свои способности, чтобы дети раскованно, с удовольствием говорили на английском языке.

Good-afternoon, children! Sit-down, please! Who is on duty today?

Who is absent? (Ivanov is absent; all are present).

What day is it today? Today is Wednesday

What date is it today? Today is the…

Now, look through the window, please. Аnswer my questions and describe winter’s weather.

What season is it now? It’s winter

Is the weather fine today? The weather is fine today.

Is it very cold today? Yes, it is very cold Today is 27 С below zero.

Is it frosty? It is frosty.

Is it slippery? It is very slippery.

Is there much snow on the ground?Yes, there is much snow on the ground.

Is the sun shining?

Yes, the sun is shining today.

8. Is the sky grey and cloudy?Is the sky blue and clear?

Look at the screen. Here you can see a nice winter forest.

Winter is my lovely season of the year.

Who can describe winter’s weather?

(на экране зимний пейзаж)

P. It is winter.

It is my favourite season.

The weather is fine today.

Today is very cold day.

It is 25 degrees below zero.

It’s a really Far East winter.

The snow is coming down.

There is much snow on the ground.

The ground is white.

There is much snow on the trees and bushes.

Millions of snow — flakes are coming down.

They are white, cold, and soft.

The lakes, rivers, pools are frozen.

It is very frosty.

It is slippery. The slippery ice covers the street.

Children, be careful, please.

T. Children! Put on warmly.

Play sports, play hockey, ski, skate. Spend a lot of spare time indoors.

You must be strong and healthy.

The theme of our last lesson is » An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away «

«Good health is a strong, energetic body and mind working together and growing together challenging the world and being challenged by the world «.

The aim of our lesson is: first of all we must repeat using the modal verbs: must/mustn’t, should/shouldn’t and do some exercises.

Then phonetic drill and I check your knowledge of lexical materials from our theme after that we’ll check your home — task — dialogues, conversations between friends. And at the end of our lesson we’ll read a small text with full comprehension of the context and answer the detail questions.

Now, let’s divide yourselves into two groups:

Are you agree?

You are the first group:

You are the second group:

The task of the first group

The task of the second

is to make up 5 positive

group is to make up 5

sentences using the modal

negative sentences using

verbs must, should.

negative forms: mustn’t



Ruth has a toothache.

Ruth has a toothache. Teddy has a cold. Fred has a headache. Eddie’s getting cold.

Sam has a stomachache. Frankie has the flu. Jack has a backache. Tony has one, too.

Ruth has a toothache. Teddy has a cold. Fred has a headache. Eddie’s getting old.

T: So, excellent.

As you know, people can fall ill from time to time.

People visit different doctors if they have different problems.

What is the problem with?

Now, your home- task — dialogues, some conversations between friends:

D № 1.

Hi, Sveta! How are you, my dear?

Hi, I’m fine, thank you! And you?

Oh, I feel awful.

What’s the matter?

I’ve got a backache.

I’m sorry to hear that. You must consult the doctor. I think, you should call a doctor any time you have a problem. The doctor knows what to advice. And you must do what he or she says or you won’t get well.

Sveta, I don’t like doctors and I think I can do without the doctor’s advice. The doctor will say that you must stay in bed and take some medicine even if you’ve only got a headache.

Vika, you are not right. When I feel ill, my parents always dial 999. The doctor comes and says what to do.

I think you are right. That’s a good idea.

I hope you get better soon.

Thank you. Bye.

D № 2

Good-morning, Peter, may we come in? You were absent yesterday at school. We shall have a test-paper in maths tomorrow. What’s the matter with you? Are you ill?

Oh, I have a splitting headache and a sore throat.

Your face is red and you have a running nose. Evidently you have a cold. When did you manage to get it?

I don’t know. I must have caught cold last night after a game of football when I felt so hot that I even took off my jacket.

How thoughtless of you, the evening was cold and windy. Now, you’ll have to stay in bed. Here’s the thermometer. Take your temperature.

No, I’ll be all right in a few hours.

Put the thermometer under your arm. Oh. It’s thirty-eight point three. You’ll have to stay away from school.

Oh, that’s fine! We shall have a test-paper in maths tomorrow, so I won’t have to write it. That’s what I call «good-luck»!

Oh, don’t talk nonsense! Just get into the bed and I’ll call the doctor in. Where is your phone?

Good-day, I’m Diana Ar. What is your name?

My name is Peter.

What’s the matter with you?

I’ve a splitting headache, a sore throat and a running temperature.

First of all: I shall feel your pulse. Give me your hand, please. Thanks. So, let me examine your throat. Where is a small spoon? Open your mouth, please. Your throat is red. Let me listen to your heart and lungs. Strip to the waist. Breathe.

What’s the matter with me, doctor?

You have a bad cold. You must stay in bed for 2 days, until your temperature is normal and you stop coughing. I shall prescribe you some medicine. Ask your mother to go to the chemist’s and get the medicine. Now I shall give you a tablet for headache. But the main thing for you is to stay in bed. If you don’t feel better, call me in 999.

I think if you play sports, eat foods like porridge, milk and fruit you will be strong and healthy without doctors.

As for me, I think you should visit the doctor only if it is really serious. If you’ve or just have a rest. And if you’ve broken your leg you must call a doctor.

You should follow good advice: «Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise». Then you won’t have to visit doctors very often.

We must eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, a lot of vitamins every day. All juices are good for health: tomato, apple, apricot and of course pine-apple juice. Vitamin «C» is good for our health. Garlic prevents us from cold. As you know: «An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away».

D № 3

Good-day, Ivan Ivanovich! May I come in?

Come in, please. How are you? You don’t look happy today.

I don’t feel well. I’ve got a headache and an earache.

What’s the matter?

My ear hurts. And I can’t move my head.

Are you taking the tablets I’ve given you? You must follow my advice. You should stay in bed and keep warm. You should take some vitamins, drink hot tea with honey and raspberry.

Yes, I will. Thanks a lot for your advices. Bye.

Т: Our last work is to read and translate proverbs and answer my questions. Look at the screen.

I’ll read these proverbs to you. » An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor Away «. » The First Wealth Is Health». Merry Heart Is a Good Medicine». » A Sound Mind in a Sound Body». — Translate, pleasе.

Now I want to know: » Are you agree or disagree with my opinion? «

1. Is it true that «An Apple a Day Keeps a Doctor away?»

— It is true because we must eat a lot of fruit andvegetables, a lot of vitamins every day?

2. Do you agree that » The First Wealth is Health? «

— Yes, I agree with you because » What a wonderfulthing it is to be healthy, to have a strong and soundbody and an active mind «.

3. Who can add?

— I want to add; » The First Wealth is Health » because»A Sound Mind in a Sound Body «.

4. Are you sure that «A Merry Heart is a Good Medicine?»

Yes, I’m sure » The most important of all, good health is fun».

I want to add: Remember: good health is much more than not being sick!


Here is a small funny text.

Read the text with full comprehension of the context and answer the detail questions.

Read and say if Tom has a sweet tooth and answer the questions:


Tom liked sweets and ice-cream very much, that’s why he didn’t have all his teeth. Yesterday his last tooth fell out. But Tom wasn’t sorry about that. He said: «That’s very good! Now that I don’t have teeth I can eat ice-cream and sweets every day».

Who liked sweets and ice-cream?

What did he like to eat?

When did his last tooth fall out?

Why wasn’t Tom sorry about his last tooth?

How often can he eat ice-cream and sweets?

What specialist should he consult?

The lesson is over.

You have been ready very well today.

You are excellent,

Your marks are: Both groups have worked well and I’ll give you only «Good» and «Excellent» marks.

Soon we’ll celebrate a New Year.

I want to wish you » Good — luck», only » Good» and «Excellent» marks in your study next year.

I wish you health ( real Siberian health).

Be strong and healthy without doctors and won’t sleep at this magic New Year Night.

Good-luck! Bye.

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