6 класс

Упражнение 3

Выбери слово, наиболее подходящее по смыслу к выделенному:

    1) artist

a) writes books  b) acts in films  c) paint pictures  d) runs in the stadiums

  2) dominant

 a)  outstanding b) main  c)  famous d) clever

  3) outstanding

 a) main  b) naughty  c) famous  d) interesting

   4) sight

 a) a place of meeting b) a place of walking c) a place of speaking  d) a place of interest

упражнение 4

. Fill in the gaps using one of the options:

     1) We walked all day and, of course, were ____.

happy b) ready c) tired  d) responsible

2) London is a very ____ city.

a) modern  b) outstanding  c) kind d) ancient

3) Lollipop ladies help children standing at the ____.

a) squares  b) streets   c) parks  d) crossings

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