упражнения Passive active voice

The building ______ two years ago.

destroyed was destroyed

I ______ by the news he had told me the day before.

am surprising surprised was surprised am surprised

______ he ______ at the airport tomorrow?

Is … being met Will … be meet

Better results ______ soon.

will be expected will expect…. are expected

I ______ into buying a motorbike by Martha.

was talked talk have been talked

Yesterday the whole programme ______ over to a report from Bosnia.

has been given was given gave gives

A number of priceless works of art ______ in the earthquake.

have been destroyed was destroyed has been destroyed

Because my visa had expired I ______ from re-entering the country.

prevented am prevent prevent was prevented

It’s generally agreed that new industries ______ for the southern part of the country.

are need are needed need

It’s incredible to think that these clothes ______ by Queen Victoria.

wear are being worn were worn

A new drug ______ to combat asthma in small children.

is developing has been developed developes

A number of political prisoners ______ within the next week.

will be released release were released

The problem ______ to me.

was saying was mentioned was being mentioning

The game ______ to the children.

demonstrates was demonstrate is demonstrating will be demonstrated

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