Учебный материал по теме Welcome to London

Приложение 2

For a long time The Tower of London___a fotress, a prison, and a palace. Many queens and kings ___

there. In the Tower you __ _see the famous

Beefeaters and ravens. The legend says,”Only so long as the ravens___ , will the White Tower ___”The raven master is a person who ___them food.

Was , stay, stand ,can, lived ,gives

Beefeaters-(буквально мясоеды) стражники лондонского Тауэра, которые носят средневековую форму.


1. Big Ben is …

a) a radio tone;b) a famous clock;c) a famous church.

2. Buckingham Palace is…

a) a home of Royal Family;b) a place of interest;c) a fine cathedral.

3. Westminster Abbey is a large…

a) cathedral;b) palace;c) church.

4. The Tower of London was…

a) a prison, a church and a cathedral;b) a fortress , a prison, a palace;c) a tower, a prison and a palace.

5. Ravens must live in…

a) Westminster Abbey;b)The Tower of London;c) Tower Bridge.

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