Учебно-методическое пособие 039-039-Сборник заданий по грамматике для учащихся 4-5 клас

Сборник заданий по грамматике для учащихся 4-5 классов по теме “Ученик и его окружение”

Вставь в пропуски глаголы am, is, are или have, has:

——-you a student? No, I —— not. I ——a pupil. I —-ten. I ——got a brother. He ——a student . Sam ——a little boy. He ——five. He —-got many toys. Ann and Jane —-friends. They ——six. They —got many dolls. My family and I ——got a house. The house —-big. ——-your brother and you friends? ——you and your sister got friends? His uncle —-got a pet. ——-their aunt got a pet? ——their pets funny? What colour ——your cat? What colour —-your dogs? He and his sister —-fine. ——you got a sister or a brother? She and her friend —-from Africa. He and his friend —-got pets. I —-not lazy pupil. Kate and I ——-sisters.Where ——your bag? It —-under the table. Where —-your brother and siser? They ——at school. My dog —-got two puppies. The dog and its puppies —-fine. Tom and his aunt —-got a lot of friends. What —-this? This ——a sandwich. What ——these? These ——sweets. They —-nice. I —-tea with sugar. He —-soup for lunch. There —-a picture here. There —-trees in the park. —-you and Ann friends? Tom and I ——got a cat. ——Tom and you friends? What colour ———your pens? I ——not got many books. ——-there many pupils in your class? There ——a lot of milk in the bottle.

Поставь глаголы в скобках в настоящее время (Present Simple).

I (be) a pupil .I (go) to school. My sister (be) a pupil too. She (study) well. Tom and Bob (be)fine. You (be) in the park. They (have) got a house. My uncle (have) got a cat. I (have) lunch at school. His sisters (go) to school .Tom (have)lunch at home. My brother (go) to school. We (buy) bread every day. Mother (buy) ice-cream on Sunday. Mr. Brown (live) in London. The Greeens (live) in New York. Jane (like) to play with her dolls. Tom and Bob (like) to play football. This girl (skate) in the park. My cat (run) in the garden. The kittens (jump) in the room. We (do) our homework. Tom (do) his homework. Men (like) to play football. This man (play) tennis well. Tom’s friend (go) to school. Bob’s friends (play) hockey. Ann’s aunt (live) in London.

Закончи предложение с There’s или There are.

______five people in my family.

______a girl in my class called Mariya.

______a great photo of you in this album, Grandpa!

______lots of good friends.

______a school party tomorrow evening.

______a present for you in the living room.

Дай краткие ответы.

Are there a lot of children in your family? (Yes, ______)

Is there a TV set in your room? (Yes, ________)

Is there a hall in your flat? (No, _______)

Are there a lot of people in the living room? (No, ________)

Are there any letters from your friends (Yes, ________)

5. Составь вопросы.

1) you / a picnic / have / on Sunday

2) your brother / play / computer games / in the weekend

3) the boys / walk / in the park

4) your grandma / go / shopping / on Saturday

5) meet / your friends / at the weekend

6. Перевести на английский язык.

Я читаю книгу в постели?

Кот ест хот-дог на кухне?

Я пью чай в школе?

Он ест кашу вечером?

Петя смотрит телевизор в своей комнате?

7. Поставьте общие и специальные вопросы к данным предложениям.

My family is large.

I am John.

His car is big.

My family is not large.

You are small.

You are from Canada.

He is in Russia.

We are a family.

8. Заполни пробел соответствующей формой глагола to be.

I ___ in bed.

It ___ a book.

We ___ in the café.

The cat ____ in the kitchen.

They ___ at school.

You ____ from Great Britain.

He _____ in Russia.

She ____ a girl.

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