топик Moscow


Moscow is the capital of the Russia. It is a big ancient city. It is one of the biggest and a most beautiful cities in the world. Across Moscow flows the Moskva-river. The heart of the city is the Kremlin. It was a magnificent forests made of red brick with high walls And lots of churches on its territory. Among its attractions are the famous Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon. The Kremlin is the seat of the government. The entrances to the Kremlin are carefully guarded. Moscow is also a great manufacturing center. Hundreds of plants are situated along the banks of the Moskva-river and in the suburbs of the city. They produce lots of needful things like clothing, chemicals, electronics, cars, toys. There are lots of museums and places of interest in Moscow. Among them the famous Tretyakov Gallery where one can the wonderful masterpieces of art. The beautiful building of theater named Bolshoi Theater is situated in the center of the Theater Square. This theater has survived two fires and it makes a great impression on tourists. On Vorobyovy Hills is situated the largest university of Russia. It was named after Mikhail Lomonosov, the outstanding scientist of the 18th century. It is a magnificent 36-storied building. There are also 9 underground floors there. From the top of the Moscow University you can have a splendid view on Moscow. Many students from different cities of Russia and from other countries study in this University. The tourists can have an enjoyable excursion about Moscow by the river boats. Moscow was and remains the pride of Russia

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