Типовой тест по модулю 3 1

Типовой тест по модулю 3 1ого семестра

Test Var. 0

Module 3 Term 1

I. Translate into Russian:

1) Scientists hope that some other effective source of energy will have been discovered by the

end of the next decade.

2) Power stations have been connected by high voltage transmission lines into networks.

3) Laser devices have found application not only in technology but in medicine as well.

4) The generator replaced batteries and other means that had been used before.

4 points

II. Choose the proper form of the verb in brackets:

1) Much work.…….already……..to eliminate the problem of environmental pollution (was

done, has been done, is being done)

2) Only at the end of the 19th century electricity (began, has begun, was beginning) to play an

important role in the life of people.

3) The discussion of the scientific reports (will be completed, will be completing, will have

been completed) by dinner break (перерыв).

4) Usually in the electric power network a certain amount of energy (loses, has lost, is lost)

2 points

III. Translate into English:

1) В наших домах есть много электрических приборов.

2) Декан занят. Он читает (deliver) лекцию.

3) Я никогда не встречал его раньше.

3 points

IV. Match a line in A with a line in B.



to transform investments

environment was developed

considerable protection

a generator energy

1 point

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