Тесты по английскому языку_37060


Test 1. Translate.

Телефонная будка, увидеть на обратном пути домой, быть замененным чем-то, быть возвращенным, главные туристические места, почтовые ящики, означать, править, легкий.

Boring, hard, nice, difficult, dangerous, ready, safe, expensive, comfortable, unpleasant, impossible.

Test 2. Read the text and fill in the necessary prepositions.

Every country is proud … its past. … past there’s no future. Every nation keeps its cultural and historical heritage. There are a lot … museums that house old clothes, arms, dishes, furniture, toys and pictures. Different museums exhibit various things. As any other capital London opens the doors … famous museums … millions of visitors. The British capital has a lot … things to see. The most celebrated are: the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, Madame Tussaud’s Gallery, the Tower and other.

The British Museum has one of the largest libraries in the world, more than 6 mln books.

It was founded … 1753. Now it contains priceless collections … manuscripts, works of art and natural history items. It’s well-known … Egyptian mummies and ancient Greek sculptures. The halls of the British Museum exhibit archaeological and ethnographical relics. The museum is among the most significant and famous world museums.

Test 3. Complete the sentences, using Adj+to …, because … .

1 Plastic toys are safe … .

2 Sharp metal parts are dangerous … .

3 Electricity is extremely dangerous … .

4 Wrangler jeans are nice … .

5 Pentium 4 computers are convenient … .

6 Lexus Cars are easy … .

7 Modern planes are quick … .

8 Orbit chewing gum is good … .

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