Тесты Грамматика вопросы предлоги неправильные глаголы

Test 10th form. Unit 2 – Afanasyeva, Mikheeva

Use Present Continuous, Past Continuous or Past Simple

Your little sister (to be) very annoying this evening. She isn’t usually so annoying. 2) I think this milk (to get) sour. I wouldn’t use it to make porridge. 3) Mr Depp (to sit) on a bench for half an hour and then began reading a newspaper. 4) John (to be) a silly fool yesterday. He isn’t usually such a fool. 5) I (to wait) for Ann for an hour and a half and then left. 6) We (to walk) all day long. 7) The children didn’t go skiing as it (to snow) from noon till evening. 8) Don’t argue, please. I feel that you don’t really mean it. You (to be) just difficult. 9) We (to walk) for ten minutes and then saw the palace. 10)Nobody could recognize Polly. She (to be) so nice trying to charm the guests. 11) Something is wrong. Billy (to be) so quiet! 12) The boy (to stay) in the park during the interval.

Use Past Simple or Past Continuous (2 variants are possible)

I (to try) to phone you yesterday afternoon. – Sorry, Greg, I (not be) at home. 2) What you (do) last weekend? 3) While I (surf) the net yesterday, I (find) a really interesting website. 4) At eight o’clock last night my little brother (sleep) happily. 5) What Lizzy (wear) at the party last night? 6) My cousin (quarrel) about something when I (come) into the room. 7) It (be) early morning. The sea (sparkle) under the rays of the sun.

Use Past Simple or Present Perfect

Alex looks sad. He must (hear) some bad news. 2) They (not attend) any parties since they (come) back home. 3) Alex (draw) three beautiful landscapes recently. Last week he (draw) a small seascape. 4) I (know) him all my life. I (get) acquainted with him when we (be) four. 5) She says she (see) snow for the first time last February. He says he never (see) snow before.

Use a, the or zero article to complete the article

_____ Davises are a very close-knit family. 2) After I heard Jane’s speech I understood that she was ____ real Parker, she spoke just like her father did in his own time. 3) Has ___ dear Margaret arrived yet? 4) ___ Benz is another name for _____ Mercedes. 5)___nurse Jackson is the kindest of all people in the hospital.

Insert in, at or on

The car stopped ___ the traffic lights and we saw the driver’s face. 2) Who are these people __ the photograph? 3) There are so many languafes __ the world. 4) The picture is __ page three __ the top of it. 5) He is __ the dentist and won’t be back at five. 6) The city __ the picture was unmistakably St. Petersburg. 7) I’m still ___ school, but my elder brother is ____ university.

Insert as or like

1) I admire her ___ a person, but I don’t think much of her ___ a writer. 2) ___ I said in my last letter, I’m taking the exam in July. 3) He cried __ a baby when they told him the news. 4) There is nothing ___ a nice hot bath. 5) She was late, ___ usual.

Translate into English

Я не могу спать в поезде или автобусе, даже если нахожусь в далекой поездке. 2) Все места в самолете был заняты. 3) Сэм обычно ездит на рынок на своей машине, а не ходит туда пешком. 4) В поезде мы решали кроссворды и играли в разные игры со словами. 5) Обычно в самолетах не разрешают курить. 6) Чаще всего люди едят в такси тогда, когда они куда-то опаздывают. 7) В тот день в поезде было много пассажиров. 8) В автобусе был врач, он-то и помог пожилой женщине.

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