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TASK 1: Choose the right ending

1. Ann likes oranges, …? A) isn’t Ann? B) does she?

C) doesn’t Ann? D) doesn’t she?

2. Boys can run well, …? A) can boys? B) can’t they?

C) can’t boys? D) don’t they?

3. Our partners aren’t responsible for the social programme, …?

A) are they? B) are our partners?

C) do they? D) aren’t they?

4. Animals don’t fly, …? A) don’t they? B) do they?

C) do animals? D) are they?

5. Russian students will visit Britain in April, …?

A) don’t they? B) willn’t they?

C) won’t they? D) do they?

TASK 2: Finish up the questions

Andrew didn’t write an invitation letter, …?

Our students like to speak English, …?

Girls can dance well, …?

Roma isn’t a good pupil,…?

We won’t have Drama lessons this year, …?

Comparison of adjectives

TASK 1: Make up comparative sentences:

Reality programmers / interesting )/ the weather forecast.


Spain / sunny / England.


Tony / tall / Ann.


TASK 2: Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives.

Cookery programmers are ________________(amusing) shows.

Africa is ____________(hot) continent in the world.

New York is ________________________(expensive) city in America.

The ____________(sunny) state in America is Arizona.

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