тестовая работа по английскому языку 10 класс исходный уровень

Тестовая работа по английскому языку (исходный уровень) 10 класс


Variant 1

Choose the correct variant.

This new dress is very nice. … you like to buy it?

Willb) Wouldc) Can

Could you close … window, please?

ab) -c) the

Show me … Caribbean islands on the map, please.

ab)thec) –

My favourite subject at school was … History


I’ll come back home only… Monday morning.

Atb) Onc) In

…. the end of the week we are going to move to the new flat.

At b) Onc) In

She lived in France … three years.

inb) atc) for

She can’t do it as …does.

heb) himc) his

The bus was empty. There was…. on it.

somebodyb) anybodyc)nobody

Is Jane at home? Can I speak to … ?

herb) himc)you

Did you enjoy … at the party yesterday?

Yourb) yourselfc) yourselves

I met my … friend yesterday.

goodestb) betterc) best

Let’s go by train. It’s much … .

cheapb) cheaperc) the cheapest

I …. go home again because I had forgotten my money.

Couldb) had toc) should

…. you recommend a good restaurant?

Could b)Mustc) Should

My brother can skate well, he … every Sunday.

skateb) skatesc) is skating

The flowers … regularly, their leaves are dry.

aren’t wateredb) don’t waterc) aren’t watering

What ….your brother do tomorrow?

doesb) didc) will

When I rang Mike up yesterday, he … .

sleepsb) sleptc) was sleeping

He … home only at 11 o’clock last night.

comesb) camec) has come

If he doesn’t give me this information, I … this work.

don’t dob) won’t doc) haven’t done

… suggestions was accepted? Mine was.

Whatb) Whosec) Who

Yuri Gagarin was famous … being the first man in space.

atb) forc) about

He was afraid … his enemies.

Inb)atc) for

They have … a lot of changes in the town centre recently.

doneb) madec) –

Tom…. : “This is great”.

saidb) toldc) —

It was so kind of your parents to put … for the weekend.

Upb) atc) out

Put … your sunhat if you are going to the beach.

onb) offc) in

Kate decided to take … Italian lessons.

Inb) upc) off

The house of Mr Wilson was broken … yesterday.

upb) outc) into

By the end of the next month we… the harvest.

Will gatherb) will be gatheringc) will have gathered

The teacher expected her children … this difficult questions.

Answerb) to answerc) answering

By the time we got the theatre the actors … for about half an hour.

Playedb) was playingc) had been playing

I’m busy at the moment. I … for my test since the morning.

Preparedb) have been preparingc) am preparing

I hope at this time next week I … on the beach.

Will lieb) am layingc) will be laying

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