тест в 7 классе

Контрольная работа в 7 классе по теме «Traditions, Festivals and Holidays»

How much do you know about the British traditions and festivals?

British people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day on _____________________

They celebrate Halloween on ___________________________________

British people celebrate Easter on _______________________________

They celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night on ____________________________

British people celebrate Christmas Festival on ______________________

They celebrate New Year’s Day on _______________________________

Read these words and then write English word







Complete the sentences. Use at, in, on

I saw Jack ____ nine a.m. He was driving his car. 2) My family is always at home _____ Easter. 3) ____ Christmas Eve we bought a lot of presents for the children. 4) _____ a cold frosty morning a young lady knocked on Mr. Fowler’s door. 5) Let’s meet ___ Wednesday ____ six o’clock ____ the evening. 6) What festival do people in the West begin to celebrate ____ the 25th of December? 7) People can see bonfires ____ Guy Fawkes’ Night in the street.

Complete the text. Choose the right forms of the verbs and write them.

Our Christmas Party

On the 25th of December my friends and I decided (have) a party. We (want) to celebrate Christmas. My friends (come) to my flat. I (prepare) an apple cake when they (ring) the bell. They (start) to decorate the room. We (make) a lot of paper toys. The room and the tree looked very nice. When it (become) dark in the street, we (burn) the fire and (begin) our party. We (sing) and (dance). We (have) a lot of fun. When my mum and dad (return) home late in the evening, some of my friends (play) games and some (watch) a comedy on television. It was a very happy day.

Choose the right form to complete the sentences

While we (did/were doing) the city, it (rained/was raining). 2) When I (came/was coming) to Trafalgar Square, I (decided/was deciding) to take some photos of the place. 3) I (caught/ was catching) a cold when I (decorated/ was decorating) the house for the New Year.

Translate these sentences from Russian into English

Ты меня хорошо слышишь?

Миссис Морис 80 лет она плохо слышит.

Не кричи на меня. Послушай меня!

Я слушаю тебя.

Я не понимаю французский язык.

Ты любишь свой родной город?

Какую телевизионную программу ты смотришь?

Я ненавижу пить молоко по утрам.

Answer the question

How do you celebrate some holidays (New Year, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day etc.)?

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