тест по страноведческому материалу для 9 кл учебник Биболетовой

The quiz 9th form (The USA, The UK, The Russian Federation)

1. The capital of the UK is…

a. Paris

b. London

c. Belfast

2. The capital of the USA is…

a. New York

b. Los Angeles

c. Washington

3. The UK consists of …

a. 3 countries

b. 2 countries

c. 4 countries

4. There are …stripes and … stars on the American flag.

a. 45/13

b. 50/13

c. 13/50

5. The name of the UK’s flag is…

a. The Union David

b. The Union Jack

c. The Union Black

6. In … the Russian flag was officially adopted by the President and Parliament.

a. 1917



7. There … crosses on the UK’s flag.

a. three

b. two

c. four

8. The symbol of America is …

a. double-headed eagle

b. bald –headed eagle

c. a unicorn

9. The greatest lake of Russia is…

a. Lake Superior

b. Lake Baikal

c. Blue Lake

10. The highest mountain of the USA is…, the highest mountain in Russia is…, the highest UK’s mountain is …

a. Elbrus, McKinley, Ben Nevis

b. McKinley, Ben Nevis, Elbrus

c. McKinley, Elbrus, Ben Nevis

11. The longest river in the Russian Federation is…

a. The Volga

b. The Lena

c. The Missouri

12. The major cities of the UK are…

a. Atlanta, Boston, Glasgow

b. Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool

c. Glasgow, Tver, Baltimore

13. The capital of Scotland is…, the capital of Wales is…, the capital of … Northern Ireland is…

a. Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff

b. Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh

c. Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast

14. The floral symbol of the UK is…

a. Red rose

b. Shamrock

c. Leek

15. There were two Houses in England who argued for the throne in the 15th century, they were…

a. Thatcher and Bush

b. Lancaster, York

c. York, David

16. The Welsh symbol is….

a. Rose

b. May flower

c. Daffodil

17. The … helps to Scottish warriors to win the fight with the Scandinavians.

a. Shamrock

b. Leek

c. Thistle

18. St Patrick used the plant to explain to the people of the country …

a. what the Beatles are.

b. what the Holy Trinity is.

c. what the flora is.

19. Who is Irish national saint?

a. David

b. George

c. Patrick

20. When did the first design of today’s Russian flag appear ?

a. in 1917

b. in 1991

c. more than 300 years ago

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