тест по чтению 6 классТема Дружба

1.Read the text and write ‘R’ for Right, ‘W’ for Wrong or ‘DS’ for Doesn’t Say.

1 My funny friend

I must say, I’ve got a great group of friends. There’s Marty, who’s always telling jokes. He’s a very cheerful guy and he really makes me laugh. He’s also friendly with new students in class or at our school. He helps them not to feel lonely during their first term. He’s a good friend too and he’s always around to help if I need it.

2 My athletic friend

Then there’s Kate. She’s a really cool person. She plays basketball and she’s really good at it. Sometimes we play together, although I’m not very good, so of course she always wins! She also plays tennis and she goes swimming every week. She’s got a pet dog called Hector – he’s a funny big brown creature and we all love him!

3 My trendy friend

My friend Rachel is the one who loves shopping for trendy clothes. She always wears the latest styles and she has to be fashionable at all times! But that’s OK – she’s a very sociable and pretty person and she’s got great style. She’s a really good friend.

4 My artistic friend

Pete is a very interesting person. He spends his free time painting at home. He’s very good at it too. Last week he painted a picture of me! In the painting I’m wearing my cool new baseball cap. He’s also learning to play the guitar and he loves listening to music.

5 My best friend

The friend I spend the most time with is Jill. She and I have been friends for five years. I can talk to her about anything – school, clothes, parents. We also share our clothes, books and CDs. She’s an amazing friend and we know everything about each other!

1 Marty is often lonely. _____

2 Kate has got a small brown dog. _____

3 Rachel buys expensive clothes. _____

4 Pete paints and plays music. _____

5 The writer’s best friend is called Jill. _____

2. Read the text and complete each sentence with one or two words from the text.

1 The writer has got a great _______________ of friends.

2 Kate’s dog is _______________, big and brown.

3 Rachel wears _______________ clothes.

4 Pete paints and listens to music in his _______________.

5 The writer thinks Jill is an _______________ friend.

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