тест для 5 класса

Test for 5-th form

1. Написать три формы глаголов и перевести:

1.to be 2. to go 3. to have 4. to do

5.to have 6. To do 7.to write 8.to put 9.to bring

10. to see 11.to send 12. To take 13.to meet 14. to begin

2. Раскрыть скобки, поставив глагол в Present Perfect или Past Simple:

1. She just (go) out.

2.It (be) cold yesterday.

3. I never (see) him.

4. The lessons ( begin) at 8 yesterday.

5. He (be) ill last week.

6. We already (write) a dictation.

3. Напиши вопросы, начиная с данных слов:

He has been to Moscow recently.

( Has… , When.., Where…, Who.._

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