тест для 5 класса Unit 7 Кузовлев ВП



Two friends are talking about their coming trip to Russia.

What will they do in Russia? You’ll hear the conversation twice.




go to St Petersburg


go to Moscow and St Petersburg


visit its famous museums


go to the Russian Museum


go to the ballet


make a film


show the film


Nancy and Michael have come to visit Robin and his grandfather.

Mark the statements (1-8) true (T) or false (F).



1 Robin is sick and his friends want to help him.

2 The grandfather’s puzzle box is very important for Robin.

3 Nancy and Michael can open the puzzle box.

4 Nancy and Michael don’t know the secret of the box.

5 The grandfather knows where the box is.

6 Carol has got the puzzle box.

7 It is a secret how the box can help.

8 Robin hopes that the puzzle box will help him.

Nancy and Michael have come to Robin’s room. Robin is in bed. He is sick* and weak and Nancy and Michael feel sorry for him. They want to help. Robin gives them a big smile.

«I know why you are here,» Robin tells them. «You are going to find grandfather’s puzzle box.»

«Yes, we are. We think we can help you soon.» «I hope we’ll play football and do many other things together,» Michael says. «Oh, good,» says Robin. «Please find that box.» «We will,» Michael and Nancy go back into the living room. Mr Hall, Robin’s grandfather, is waiting* for them.

«Uncle Ben,» Nancy says, «we don’t really understand. You wrote to me, but how can the puzzle box help Robin?» «You can see that Robin is very sick. The operation will be very expensive. We do not have much money. The puzzle box is very important for us. It is the only way* to get money. It’s a secret box. Nobody can open it. The box has been in our family for a long time. My father told me how to open it.»

«But how will the box help? Is there money in it?» asks Michael. «Ah,» Mr Hall says. «That is a secret, too. Will you find the box for me?» »We will. But where is the box?»

«I don’t know. Maybe one of our relatives has the box now.» «But how are you going to find out where the box is?» «I’ll call Carol. She lives in Boston. She may know something about the box. I’ll call her and tell her that you are coming.»

«When shall we leave?»

«Today. The operation will be in two months. We must hurry up or Robin won’t live.»

«We’ll find the box.»


*is waitingожидал

*the only wayединственный способ


1. Here are some conversations.

What are the children talking about? Choose the correct verb forms in brackets. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

— Do you have any plans for the weekend?

— Yes, my parents and I (0) are going (are going / will go) to York.

— Have you got tickets for the trip?

— Not yet. Maybe I (1) _______________ (am going to buy / will buy) them tomorrow.

— What are you going to give Helen for her birthday?

— I (2)________________ (give / am going to give) her a CD and a box of chocolates.

— Are you going to the circus with your class?

— I have already been there. I think I (3) _______________ (will watch /am watching) a new film.

— Will you come to the party?

— I think I (4)______________ (am coming / will come).

2. Mary and Philip Swan are talking to a travel agent about future holidays.

What are they interested in? For questions 1-7, choose the correct answer a, b or с. There is an example (0) at the beginning.

— Would you like to (0) tour Europe during your holidays?

— No, thank you, we are looking for a 10 or 15 days’ (1) _______ in the Pacific Ocean.

— There is a wonderful trip around Australia and New Zealand.

— Great! Is it (2) _____________?

— About 2000 dollars. (3) ___________ to Australia by ship?

— No, it’s a long way. We think we (4)______to Australia by plane.

— That’s fine. I think you can travel (5)_______ the ship The Sun Princess. It’s a wonderful place to (6) _________ and have fun.

— Are there any special activities for children? (7) _______ our own games for our 8-year-old son?

— No, you needn’t, they are happy to have children on board! Your son (8) _____________ play water games, take part in toy boat races and beach parties. There is a children’s only pool on the ship. Maybe he (9) _____________ in the swimming competition.

— Well, the voyage starts on 15 August. Then we (10) _________ Australia on 14 August.

— Fine. I hope you (11) _________ your trip.

0 a come

b tour

c choose

1 a show

b break

c voyage

2 a expensive

b boring

с dangerous

3 a Are you going

b Do you go

с When are you going

4 a are going to go / are going to fly

b will go / will fly

с are going / are flying

5 a in

b on board

с at

6 a relax

b know

с change

7 a Are we taking

b Will we take

с Shall we take

8 a shall

b will

с is going to

9 a will take part

b is going to take part

с is taking part

10 a are going to arrive in

b are arriving at

c are arriving in

11 a are going to enjoy

b will enjoy

c are enjoying

Good luck!!!

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