тест 3b

3B. On the move

1. Put the means of transport into the correct column.

bus car plane helicopter boat bike ship scooter yacht motor boat





2. Ask your deskmate: Can you…?

Use the verbs in the table. Compare your answers. What can both of you do? What can/cannot your deskmate do?

play the piano read books in English drive a car rollerblade wash the dishes dive run 10 kilometers ride a horse ski

3. Look at the sign and make as many sentences as possible to say what you can/cannot do according to the sign.

4. Look at ex. 4, SB, p. 28. You are at point X. Ask in turns for the route and give directions:

Sports shop


Pet shop



Toy shop

5. Write English equivalents:

Вам необходимо быть внимательной на дороге


Мне надо идти прямо или повернуть направо на Ленинском проспекте?


Посмотри на знак!


Остановись у светофора.


Припаркуйся перед больницей.


6. a) Read the words.

Are, bar, car, char, far, star, arm, bard, card, charge, farm, starve, art, can’t, chart, farce, start.

Add, bag, ham, can, pan, lab, that, back, hat, pant, lap, marry, parrot, wagon, happy, fancy.

b) Read the limerick. What happened to a lady from Guam [gwÁm]?

There once was a lady from Guam

Who said, “Now the ocean’s so calm

I will swim for a lark.”

She encountered a shark.

Let us now sing the 90th Psalm.

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