тест 2 My Biography

My Biography

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Pavlenko Taras. I am Ukrainian . I was born on May 5,1988 in small town in Russia. When I was five our family moved to Odessa where I live now together with my parents. My father is a doctor , he works at a hospital. My mother is a housewife. She has a lot to do about the house . We are five in the family . I have a younger sister and a brother . They are both pupils. Our family is very united.

I student at school № 53 in Odessa . I always did well at school and learned with great interests . I also took an active part in social life, attended sport sections and subject circles. My favorite subjects at school were mathematics and drawing . My teachers of drawing and mathematics were well-educated men with broad outlook and deep knowledge of the subjects. They also encouraged me in my desire to become a civil engineer saying that it was one of the most interesting professions they had ever known.

This year I have left school and became an applicant for entry to the Odessa State Academy of Building and Architecture . And luckily now I am the first-year student of this Academy. I study at the Institute of Engineering-Ecological Systems.

You see my biography isn’t long of sports . I have got the first category in volley-ball and have many friends among sportsmen .

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