тест 2 модуль

1. The main parts of a relay are________

a) an electromagnet, a capacitor, and a spring

!) an electromagnet, an armature, and a spring

c) an electromagnet, a panel, and a spring

d) an electromagnet, a contact, and a spring

2.Street lights are switched on and off__________

!)by means of relays

2)by means of electric motors

3)by means of capacitor

4)by means of grid bias batteries

3.The voltage variation is transferred_____________

a)through a tube

b)through a relay

c)through a fuse

!)through a capacitor

4. The grid of each tube is insulated____________

a)by means of a coil

b)by means of a plate

!)by means of a capacitor

d)by means of an armature

5.An amplifier is used________________

a) to separate a.c. from d.c.

!) to change the value of the input voltage

c) to eliminate direct current plate components

d) to connect a.c. and d.c.

6. The main components of any circuit are devices that_________electric


!)produce and utilize

b)produce and deliver

c)produce and eliminate

d)produce and protect

7.Protection devices are___________

a)switches and amplifiers

b)rectifiers and amplifiers

!)relays and fuses

d)oscillators and fuses

8. Utilizing devices convert electric energy into_______energy

a)thermal only

b)mechanical only

c)chemical only

!)thermal,mechanical or chemical

9. Electric power is delivered from power sources to loads by_____

!) electric wires

b) terminals

c) primary cells

d) electric generators

10.Conductors used for electric wiring produced of_________

a) aluminium only

b) copper only

c) iron only

!) aluminium and copper

11. Do you know ______ he plays football?

a) what

!) where

c) does

d) wherever

12. She speaks so loudly that everybody _____ hear her.

a) could

b) could have

!) саn

d) will can

13. I don’t remember ______ I put the key.

!) where

b) what

c) unless

d) while

14. Angela said that she ____ like her job.

a) doesn’t

b) will

!) didn’t

d) won’t

15. Steve said that he_____ phone me.

!) would

b) will

c) hadn’t

d) didn’t

16. I do not understand __ I must do now

a) that

b) where

c) since

!) what

17. ____ babies laugh, we know that they are happy.

a) why

!) when

c) since

d) while

18. The question is ________ he knows about her betrayal or not.


!) whether

d) why

19. The room has a stove _______ faces the door.

a) who

!) which

c) since

d) whether

20. Let me smoke a cigar ______I go.!) before

b) where

c) which

d) that

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