тексты для оформления газеты по теме Праздники России и Великобритании

Продолжая работать с учебником четвертого класса авторов Верещагиной и Притыкиной, в списке изучаемых тем, мы наткнулись на тему “The English Year. Нам стало интересно, если есть “The English Year”, может есть и “The Russian Year”. Мы изучили то, что объединяет наши страны, наши культуры.

So lets begin

In England

In Russia

In England there are four winter months, two spring months, four summer months, two autumn months. In winter on the twenty-fifth of December there is the greatest holiday for all people in England Christmas. People decorate houses and Christmas trees. They give and get presents. Presents for children are in their stockings. At three o’clock they listen the Queen’s Speech.

In spring there is a holiday for English women Mother’s Day. On that day people visit their mothers and give them some presents.

In April or at the end of March English people celebrate Easter Day. On Easter Sunday children get chocolate Easter eggs or rabbits.

In spring there is also a funny holiday for children April Fool’s Day. English children like this day very much. They play jokes and tricks on other people.

In Russia there are three winter months, three spring months, three summer months, three autumn months. In winter on the thirty-first of December there is the most favourite holiday for many families New Year. People give each other presents and decorate houses and trees. When clock strikes twelve they drink a toast to the New Year.

In spring there are three same holidays : Mother’s Days, April Fool’s Day and Easter Day. But on the ninth of May there is the greatest holiday for all people in Russia Victory Day. On that day all people wear a Victory ribbon. We remember Defenders of our Motherland. We remember people, who were fighting for peace all over the World.

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