Цветные идиомы


1. I have butterflies in my stomach.

1. I’m nervous about something.

2. I’m shorthanded.

2. I don’t have enough people to help.

3. He’s bending over backwards for you.

3. He is doing more than is necessary.

4. This is where I draw the line.

4. I will not do more ( or tolerate more).

5. I’ll have to sleep on it.

5. I will think about it and let you know tomorrow.

6. He’s backing out of it.

6. He has changed his mind. He will not do it.

7.You’d better stay on your toes.

7. Be aware.

8. Watch your mouth.

8. Be careful what you say.

9. She has a green thumb.

9.She is good at growing plants. She can grow plants.

10. Don’t stretch the truth.

10. Don’t turn the truth into a lie.

11. He must put his foot down.

11. He must insist and say no.

12. You really take the cake.

12. You did a good job. You really win the prize.

13. He’ll have to face the music.

13. He will pay for his mistake.

14. He is blowing his own horn.

14. He is bragging about himself. To boast or praise oneself.

15. Zip your lip.

15. Don’t talk.

New Words



To bend

To tolerate




To stretch the truth

To face the music

To brag

To boast

To praise

To change one’s mind


To insist


To zip

живот, желудок

нуждающийся в помощи


терпеть, выносить

палец на ноге


большой палец руки

преувеличивать (растягивать правду)

отвечать за последствия





растение, сажать


рог, рожок, рупор

застегивать молнию

1. To pull somebody’s

2. To pull a face (faces) leg

3. To pull to pieces

4. To pull oneself together

5. To push one’s luck

6. To push one’s way

7. To push someone to the wall

дурачить кого-либо, морочить голову

гримасничать, изображать недовольство

разорвать на куски

собраться с духом, взять себя в руки

искушать судьбу

протискиваться через толпу

довести до крайности, припереть к стенке


Use the idioms:

1.Luke! I know that the situation is quite serious. But it’s not the end of the world. …You will get over all difficulties. 2. There were so many people in the square that they had to … to reach the entrance. 3.John told me he had seen an alien. I almost believed him but looked at him to see if he was … .4. Polly took a risk and hid the golden pen. Then she brought it home. She was not caught that time. But she was… .5. Though Boris said he hadn’t ridden his elder brother’s bike, Allan…and Boris had to explain where he had been and how he had broken his brother’s bike. 6. Ben didn’t like the idea of going to the library instead of watching a football match and … .


White-белый, чистый, невинный

A white lieневинная, святая ложь, ложь во благо

A white manпорядочный человек

A white nightночь без сна

A white elephantподарок, от которого не знаешь как избавиться, ( индийский слон).

As white as a sheetбледный, как полотно (простыня)

To stand in a white sheetпублично каяться

White with angerпобледнеть (позеленеть) от злости

Black— черный, дурной, злой

Black artчерная магия

Black dogзеленая тоска, дурное настроение

Black markretчерный рынок

Blackheartedдурной, злой

Blackberry (black current)черная смородина

Black lookзлой, сердитый

Black looksзлые взгляды

To beat black and blueизбивать до синяков

Black as inkчерный, как сажа (мрачный)

To know black from whiteпонимать, что на уме (быть себе на уме)

Black as hellтьма кромешная (черный, как ад)

The black sheep (of a family)негодяй, выродок (в семье)

Blue- голубой, синий, лазурный

Things look blueдела плохи

Blue fearпаника

To make the air blueругаться, сквернословить

Once in a blue moonочень редко

Out of the blueсовершенно неожиданно (как гром с ясного

To have the bluesбыть в плохом настроении)неба)

To give somebody the bluesнаводить тоску на кого-то

To cry the bluesприбедняться

Blue-pencilсокращать, вычеркивать, редактировать


Brown-коричневый, смуглый, карий (о глазах)

Brown studyмрачное раздумье, размышление

As brown as berryзагорелый

I’m browned off with itМне это осточертело.

Grey –серый, седой, пасмурный, мрачный

Grey mareженщина, держащая мужа под башмаком

Purple-фиолетовый, пурпурный, багровый

To turn purple with rage побагроветь от ярости

To raise to the purpleсделать кардиналом

Yellow— желтый, ревнивый, подозрительный



Yellow dogподлый человек, трус

Red-красный, румяный, рыжий

Red with angerпобагровевший от гнева

Red handsокровавленные руки

To see redприйти в бешенство, в ярость

To paint the town redпредаваться веселью, устраивать попойку

To be in the redбыть должником, иметь задолженность

To go into the redстановиться убыточным

Green зеленый, незрелый, неспелый, растительный (о пище)

Green hand—greenerновичок

Green with envyпозеленеть от зависти


To have green fingers (a green thumb) хорошо выращивает цветы, овощи

A green winterбесснежная, мягкая зима

In the green в расцвете сил

Greenery зелень, растительность

To see redприйти в ярость

Hot –горячий, жаркий, свежий

To get into hot waterпопасть в беду

To blow hot and coldколебаться

To give it somebody hotзадать кому- то взбучку, проучить














Your account is in the…

They are waiting for the…light from the head office to launch their pilot program.

Mike arrived completely out of…, nobody expected him. You can imagine my surprise.

Her friends were… with envy when they saw her new bicycle.

Sally was …sheep of the family, always staying out late, getting into trouble and so on.

That’s a bit of a …area. It’s difficult to say who exactly has responsibility for the task.

Young Eleanor is hot as…as you might think, she knew Roland wasn’t telling the truth.

I used to spend a lot of time in London, but now I only go there once in a …moon

I told him his suit looked wonderful. It was a…lie but it cheered him up.

Presidents and Prime Ministers, when traveling abroad, are usually given the … carpet treatment.

Bloodstock is a perfectly normal little chap, though he happens to have been born into the…

Scarlet –алый цвет (блудница, проститутка)

Purple- фиолетовый (сан кардинала, царский)

Crimson –малиновый

12. The other students were… with envy when Aimee won a scholarship.

13. He refuses to tell any of the small…lies that are necessary in normal society.

Write the correct adjectives—white, black, green, brown, blue—to complete the sentences:

Her little sister’s eyes are as… as the sea.

I think my son is ill. He is as… as a ghost.

We returned from the sea as… as a berry.

I’m feeling a bit… at the moment.

His mother turned…when she knew the truth.

Don’t you think she’ll be…with envy?

His elder son was the…sheep of the family.

My granny has…fingers and she is fond of gardening.

Complete the phrases with the words—black or white:

1.the …sheep of the family

2. a… wedding7. …wine

3. a… eye 8….hot

3….dog9…. humour

4.a…lie 10. a… Christmas

5. the… market11…. night

6. a…look12.a …man

Complete the following sentences with:

White, black, brown, blue, green.

Paul was always been the…sheep in the family.

My wife just loves gardening; she has…fingers.

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