Сценарий сказки на английском языке Пиноккио


Characters: Geppetto, Pinocchio, Boy, girl with the blue Hair, Harlequin , Punchinello, showman, Cat, Fox, Monkey, Parrot , Medoro.

Scene 1

(Джепето сидит за столом в своей каморке и вырезает из полено куклу).

Geppeto: What name shall I give him? I think I`ll give him the name of Pinocchio. It`s a very nice name. First the puppet`s hair! Then i`ll make his head and then his eyes (напевает).

I have two eyes and I can see.

A book and a pen in front of me.

I see the window and the door,

I see the ceiling and the floor.

The eyes are ready. But they are looking at me! I`ll go on with my work. Now his nose. But it`s strange. This puppet wants a long nose. Well, i`ll make the body, then the arms and the hands. And now i`ll teach him to walk.

Pinocchio: That`s splendid. I`m ready (учиться ходить).

Geppetto: One, two, one, two.

Pinocchio: What must I do?

Geppetto: Three, four, three, four.

Pinocchio: Close the door.

Geppetto: Five, six, five, six.

Pinocchio: Look at the chiks.

Geppetto: Seven, eight, seven, eight.

Pinocchio: Put the plate.

Geppetto: Nine, ten.

Pinocchio:By our fat hen.

Bye-bye, father! One, two, one, two.

Geppetto: Stop him, stop him (поет).

Stop! Look! Listen!

Before you cross the street,

Use your eyes, use your ears,

And then use your feet.

Scene 2

(Пиноккио бежит по улице)


What are little boys made of?

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails and little dog`s tails,

That`s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and ice and all things nice,

That`s what girls are made of.

But I am made of wood. It seems to me it`s drizzling. Where is my papa? Where is my papa? Pa-pa! Pa-pa! What shall I do? It`s very cold. There is not even a dog in the street.

Geppetto: Oh, little boy. Where are you?

Pinocchio: Here I am. I want to show you that I am a good boy. Tomorrow, tomorrow I`ll go to school.

Geppetto: Good boy.

Pinocchio: But I must have some clothes.

Geppetto: Here they are.

Pinocchio:I look like a gentleman now.

Geppetto: Yes, you do. But you should know this: it is not good clothes but clean clothes that make the gentleman.

Pinocchio: Papa, I can`t go to school: I have no school-book.

Geppetto: My boy, wait a little, I`ll be back in minute.(Уходит)

Pinocchio: Well, I like to sing (Поет песню «What are little boys made of? ». Вскоре Джепето возвращается). Where is your coat, Papa? It`s very cold today.

Geppetto: I sold it because it was too warm for me. Take the school-book and go to school, my dear boy.(Джепето и Пиноккио вместе поют.)

Dance to your daddy, my little laddie,

Dance to your daddy, my little lamb.

You shall have a fishy on a little dishy,

You shall have a fishy, when the boat comes in.

Dance to your daddy, my little laddie,

Dance to your daddy, my little lamb.

Pinocchio: Tomorrow I`ll learn to write,

To read and to count. When I know how to read, write and count, I`ll begin to work. I`ll soon have a lot of money. I`ll begin to wark. I`ll soon have a lot of money. I`ll buy a beautiful new coat for my papa. He is so kind to me. He sold his coat and bought a school-book for me. I`ll be kind to him too. (Утро. Часы на сцене бьют семь раз.)

Geppetto: Get up, Pinocchio! Time to go to school. Take your school-book and good luck!

Pinocchio: Good bye, Papa.

Scene 3

(На переднем плане вывеска «Great Puppet Theatre». Слышны звуки музыки.)

Pinocchio: I don`t know what to do. Shall I go to school or shall I go and listen to the music? Today I`ll listen to the music and tomorrow I`ll go to school. But how can I get money for a ticket? I`ll sell my new school-book and buy a ticket. (Появляется мальчик. ) Boy! Come here.

Boy: What do you want?

Pinocchio: Buy my school-book, there are a lot of pictures in it.

Boy: (Разглядывает картинки) Oh, yes, there are a lot of pictures. Fine. (Отдает деньги за книгу)

Pinocchio: Thank you, boy (Подбегает к кассе) I want one ticket to the Puppet Theatre.

Girl: Let me see. I Have one seat in the boxes.

Pinocchio: What about the stalls?

Girl: Yes, I have a ticket for the stalls, too.

Scene 4

(Театр. Играет музыка. Пиноккио сидит в первом ряду.)

Harlequin: How do you do, my little spectators? I`m glad to see you in our theatre.

Punchinello: Good afternoon, children! Our theatre shows sad tragedies. But today you`ll see the comedy «The Girl with the Blue Hair». It`s a splendid show.

Harlequin: Yes, it really is a splendid show! Look, Punchinello, here`s Pinocchio! Come here, Pinocchio!

Punchinello: Oh, Pinocchio, come here (Пиноккио выскакивает на сцену.)

Pinocchio: My friends. I want to sing you a song. (Поет песню «What are little boys made of? »)

Showman: What is all that noise?

Pinocchio: I`m sorry, sir. Excuse me, please.

Showman: Continue the performance! We shall have a talk after the play. (После спектакля)

Showman: (показывая на Пиноккио) Harlequin, bring that puppet into my kitchen. I`ll put him on the fire and make a good dinner.

Pinocchio: Papa, oh, Papa come and save your Pinocchio! I don`t want to burn. I don`t want to burn in the fire.

Showman: Stop crying. What is your father`s name?

Pinocchio: Geppetto, sir.

Showman: Has he a lot of money?

Pinocchio: Oh, no, he is very poor. He has nothing besides an old picture on the wall.

Showman: Poor old man! I am sorry for him. Here are five gold pieces. Go and give them to him.

Pinocchio: Thank you very much, sir.

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