Школьный тур олимпиады по английскому языку 8 класс

Олимпиада по английскому языку

2010-2011 учебный год

8 класс


Julia’s strange experience

1. Listen to the story and decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE.

Julia was going to a party. ____________

She was alone in her car. _____________

She stopped her car because she was lost.______________

Julia saw the cat because there was a full moon.______________

The cat ran away as soon as Julia got out of the car.___________

Julia was wet and cold.______________

She decided to spend the night in the car because she was lost.__________

To pass the time until morning she listened to the radio.___________

She stopped feeling nervous.____________

The rain woke her up._______________

2. Make sentences from the story by using the words from each column.





The waves

The rain

The trees

The lightning

The cat


Julia (5)

was opening

turned up




lit up

picked up


switched off





the torch

the cliffs

the sea

the music

the wind

the engine

the windscreen

the passenger door

The rain _______________________________________________________________________

The trees_______________________________________________________________________

The lightning____________________________________________________________________


Julia __________________________________________________________________________





The cat________________________________________________________________________


Read the text and answer the question.

Irish Stew

By Jerome K. Jerome

We roamed about Sonning for an hour or so, and then we decided to go back to one of the Ship lake islands, and put up there for the night. It was still early when we got settled and George said that, as we had plenty of time, it would be a splendid opportunity to try a good, slap-up supper. He suggested that, with the vegetables and general odds and ends, we should make an Irish stew.

It seemed a fascinating idea, George gathered wood and made a fire, and Harris and I started to peel the potatoes. I should never have thought that peeling potatoes was such an undertaking. The job turned out to be the biggest thing of its kind that I have ever been in. the more we peeled, the more peel there seemed to be left on; by the time we had got all peel off and all the eyes out, there was no potato left- at least none worth speaking of. George came and had a look at it – it was about the size of peanut. He said, ‘Oh, that won’t do! You’re wasting them. You must scrape them.’

So we scraped them, and that was harder work than peeling. They are such an extraordinary shape, potatoes. We worked steadily for five-and-twenty minutes, and did four potatoes.

George said it was absurd to have only four potatoes in an Irish stew, so we washed half-a-dozen or so more, and put them in without peeling. We also put in a cabbage and some peas. George stirred it all up, and then he said that there seemed to be a lot of room to spare, so we went thought the hampers, and picked out all the odds and ends and added them to the stew. There was half a pork pie and a bit of boiled bacon left and we put them in. Then George found half a tin of potted salmon, and he emptied that into the pot.

He said that was the advantage of Irish stew: you got rid of such a lot of things. I found a couple of eggs that had got cracked, and we put those in. George said they would thicken the gravy.

I forget the other ingredients, but I know nothing was wasted; and I remember that towards the end, Montmorency, who had show great interest in what was going on, went away and then reappeared a few minutes afterwards with a dead water-rat in his mouth, which he evidently wished to present as his contribution to the dinner.

We had a discussion as to whether the rat should go in or not. Harris said that he thought it would be all right, mixed up with the other things, and that every little helped; but George said he had never had of water rats in Irish stew, and he would rather be on the safe side, and not try experiments.

Harris said,’ If you never try a new thing, how can you tell what it’s like? It’s men such as you who prevent the world’s progress.’ And so the rat went in.

It was a great success, that Irish stew. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a meal more. There was something so fresh and tasty about it. Here was a dish with a new flavor, with taste like nothing on earth.

And it was nourishing, too. As George said, there was good stuff in it. The peas and potatoes might have been a bit softer, but we all had good teeth, so that did not matter much: and as for the gravy, it was a poem- a little too rich, for a week stomach, but nutritious.

Now read the story again and choose the correct alternative for each of the correct alternative for each of the following questions.

The group decided

A to eat in a restaurant

B to cook for themselves in open air

C to go and buy some food

D to get Montmorency to cook for them.

What do eyes in line 10 mean?

A dirt

B dark sports

C people watching

D knives

The found peeling potatoes

A difficult at first but they got used to it

B quite easy

C difficult but fun

D hard work

How many different ingredients does the narrator mention went into the stew?

A seven

B eight

C nine

D ten

Who was definitely in favor of including the water-rat in the stew?

A Montmorency and the narrator

B Harries and George

C the George and George

D Harries and Montmorency

What does that in line 39 refer to?

A the fact that they all had good teeth

B the fact that it was nourishing

C the of the gravy

D the fact that the peas and potatoes were hard







Use of English

Choose the correct answer. Only one variant is correct.

School Uniform

When I was a boy children always objected to.. 1.. school uniform but teachers were ..2.. it because they said all of us looked ..3.. . Otherwise, they said, children would compete with ..4.. and the poorer children would be unhappy because people would see straight away ..5.. . In recent years, however, many schools ..6.. the idea of making children ..7.. uniform but, funny enough, now that children can wear ..8.. they like, they adopted a uniform of ..9.. .

When some journalists visited a ..10.. they found that all the girls and boys were dressed ..11.. jeans. One girl said she would rather ..12.. wear a coat instead of a jersey because ..13.. wants to look different ..14.. the other children in the class. Parents ..15.. not be as happy about this as children, but they ..16.. to be, because this new kind of uniform is ..17.. the children like, not something ..18.. to wear, and it is also a ..19.. that school uniforms ..20.. .

A. wearing B. dressing C. wear D. dress

A. keen on B. keen in C. eager in D. eager on

A. like B. to be like C. alike D. to be alike

A. each other B. another C. themselves D. theirs elves

A. what poor were they B. what poor they were C. how poor were they D. how poor were they

A. have give up B. have given up C. gave up D. had given up

A. to wear B. wear C. wearing D. that they wear

A. that B. which C. what D. as

A. theirs own B. their own C. its own D. it’s own

A. London school B. London’s school C. school of London D. school at London

A. on B. by C. in D. with

A. to die than B. to die that C. die that D. die than

A. anyone B. no one C. none D. someone

A. than B. that C. from D. to

A. must B. can C. may D. could

A. ought B. should C. had D. would

A. a one what B. a one that C. one what D. one that

A . it has been forced to them B. they have been forced C. they have been forcing D. they has been forcing them

A. great lot cheaper B. they have been forced C. lot cheaper D. lot more cheap

A. used to be B. use to be C. are used to be D. are usually being























Listen to the story and decide whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Look at questions 1 to 10 (30 seconds).

Now we shall begin. You should answer the questions as you listen. You have another chance to look at questions 1-10 (15 seconds).

Now listen and answer questions 1-10.

The night of Julia’s strange encounter was wild and stormy. The rain beat against her windscreen and the trees swayed in the wind as she drove home. There was no moon to lighten the lonely country lane. But occasional flashes of lightening lit up the sea far below. The waves were crashing against the cliffs. Julia turned up the music on her stereo and wished she hadn’t decided to drive back from the party on her own. It had been while after midnight when she left but other guests had shown no sign of leaving. She had decided to go even thought she had no clear idea of the way home. It was the first time she’d been in that friend’s house and now she was beginning to think that she had taken the wrong turning. She was afraid. She was lost. Suddenly she looked ahead. There was a large black object in the middle of the road blocking her way. She stopped just in time and saw two green eyes staring back at her reflecting the beam of her headlights. Julia realized that was the largest cat she’d even seen. It just sat there looking straight at her. What was it doing on the road? Under the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere! Perhaps it was injured? Julia switched off the engine and picked up her torch. She got out went up to the cat, but just as she showed her torch on it – the cat meowed, stretched and walked off into the trees. Julia was puzzled and annoyed as she got back into the car. She was wet through. “Oh, well, — Julia thought, — at least I’m not completely alone on this road.” She turned the key in the ignition. Nothing. The car wouldn’t start. She tried again but the engine was completely dead. Julia shivered. She was wet and cold but she was also beginning to panic. She wondered what to do. Should she try to find a phone box? No, there was no sight of civilization near there. She sat in the dark listening to the rain drumming on the roof. She couldn’t even listen to the radio now. She settled down to wait for morning. She calmed down and began to feel sleepy. The rain went on and on. Suddenly she sat up wide awake. She realized the rain had stopped. She could only hear the beating of her heart. Why was she so afraid? Then she heard it. Someone was opening the passenger door. Julia screamed.

Now you will hear the text again. Listen carefully and check your answers.















1. The rain beat against the windscreen.

2. The trees swayed in the wind.

3. The lightening lit up the sea.

4. Julia screamed.

5. Julia shivered.

6. Julia switched off the engine.

7. Julia picked up her torch.

8. Julia turned up her music.

9. The cat screeched.

10. Someone was opening the passenger door.











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