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Урокзачёт в 11-м классе

по теме

“Experts of UN Convention

On the rights of the child

Школьная прграмма поилитерату

учитель английского языка

Затылкова Антонина Валериевна

2011 г.

Цель урока: расширить и углубить знания, умения и навыки в овладении коммуникативной деятельности.


Стимулирование обучающихся к самостоятельным высказываниям по данной теме;

Формирование у обучающихся сознательного отношения к своим правам;

Скрытый контроль уровня развития речевого умения у обучающихся.



Диск с мультфильмами «Том и Джерри»

Дипломы для награждения.

Ход урока

1. Вступительное слово ведущих.

2. Обзор гражданских прав.

3. Конкурс переводчиков.

4. Конкурс «Из истории правоведения».

5. Демонстрация отрывков из мультфильма «Том и Джерри» и обсуждения случаев нарушения прав в данном мультфильме.

6. Работа в группах по карточкам (обсуждение нарушений прав человека в заданной ситуации).

7. Конкурс сказок.

8. Поговорим о конвенции по правам ребёнка.

9. Подведение итогов.


Narrator 1: Hello to everybody. Welcome to our club “Experts of UN Convention on the rights of the child”. Today we’ve gathered to speak about children’s rights. Usually we recall them when somebody hurts us and we want to complain to the world about things harming us or when we need somebody’s protection. Alas, we live in a difficult time. The world is becoming a scary place. Children face to so many problems nowadays: misunderstanding in their families, bad relationships among teens, confrontation towards adults.

(Вступительное слово ведущего сопровождается показом 2-го слайда, изображающих реалии современного мира.)


Narrator 2: Shortly speaking, we are here to reveal if we know our rights and what right we know. Let’s find out it by taking part in some competitions. The best of you will be rewarded with diplomas.

Narrator 1: By the way (обращаясь к первому ведущему), I wonder if our participants know their rights we are going to speak about.

Narrator 2: Well, Let’s ask them. What rights do you know?

(3-й слайд: название 1-го этапа соревнования. Участники мероприятия называют права и получают балл за каждый правильный ответ.)


Narrator 1: We see you know the rights. I want you to look at the screen and read some more rights which haven’t been mentioned. Read them and try to translate them from Russian into English.

(4-й слайд: учащиеся читают статья конвенции по правам ребёнка и переводят их с русского на английский.)


Narrator 1:

People always wanted to live in a safe society. They tried to work out laws which were expected to defend them. Now we are going to observe pages of judicial History. Look at the screen. You are offered some questions and three variants of answers. You should choose a correct answer.

(5-й слайд: вопросы к тесту)

There are questions on the screen:

1) What country was a mother country of origination of juridical education?

a) Ancient Rome b) China c) France

2) Who was a founder of the first private juridical school?

a) Colbin in Rome b) Lenin in Petersburg c) Solomon in Greece

3) What right was the basic in European juridical education?

a) Civil right b) Rome right c) Right to freedom

4. Who was the term “Juridical state” introduced by?

a) Solomon b) Democrat c) Kant

5. Who got juridical education among these writers?

a) Sholokhov b) Andreev c) Tolstoy


Narrator 2: Thank you for your work. Let’s go on. Attention to the screen. You are shown three fragments from well-known cartoons. After watching them you must tell us – What rights are encroached there?

(6-й слайд: Учащиеся смотрят фрагменты из мультфильма «Том и Джерри» или любой другой известный мультфильм, где нарушаются права человека. После просмотра мультфильмов, учащиеся называют и обсуждают права, которые были нарушены.)


To my mind the right to leisure is encroached there. The fact is, the dog was sleeping but Tom waked him up ruined his house.

P2. In the second fragment we see a bird. The bird is trying to enter Tom’s room and to live there. It’s obvious that the right to privacy is encroached there.

P.3: I must say that the right to meet other people is encroached there. In this case one cunning mouse constantly prevents Tom to meet other cat.


Narrator 2:

I see you are well-prepared for our meeting and we think you easily cope with the next competition. You should divide into 4 groups. Then you will be offered cards. Some situations, reflecting our life are described there. The task is: “What rights are encroached there?”

Card 1:

A pupil wants to go on his studying at school in the 10th Form. A principle doesn’t admit him/her to school because this pupil has missed a lot of lessons and his behavior is very bad.

(the right to education)

Card 2:

A 15-year-old-boy attended a church but his parents were against it and forbad him to go there.

(the right to religious freedom)

Card 3:

Pete’s parents divorced. He has to live with his mother but Pete loves his father too. His mother forbids him to meet with his father.

(the right to communicate with both parents and other relatives)

Card 4:

A 14-year-old girl suffers from her own parents. They are hard-drinkers and don’t take care of her. They beat their daughter.

(the right to defense from cruel treatment)

Pupils answers on the cards:

1. I think the right to education is encroached here. According to Russian Constitution free education is guaranteed to everybody.

2. It’s no doubt that the right to freedom is encroached here. We live in a democratic state. No one has the right to interfere in your life or makes you obey.

3. Unfortunately, it’s a familiar situation. Pete loves both parent, but he has no choice. Of course, the right to communicate with both parents is encroached here.

4. It’s a dangerous situation. They suffer greatly. In my opinion two rights are encroached here – the right to a person’s dignity. Nobody must harm or hurt anybody. The right to childhood is encroached here too. Parents must to take care of their children.


Narrator 2:

Good. I see you know the rights quite well. But now let’s recall our childhood. Did your mother read you tales?


Certainly. She read them a lot.


Sure. I remember them all.

Narrator 2: Well. You should answer some questions. Two questions for every group. Discuss them and give the correct answers in 5 minutes.

(8-й слайд: вопросы для обсуждения в группах)

Questions for discussion:

1. In what fairy-tale is the right to personal immunity, life and freedom encroached?

2. What literary personages can say that their right to inviolability of home is encroached?

3. What characters suffer from interference into their private life?

4. In what fairy-tale the right to information is encroached?

5. In what fairy-tale the right to non-discrimination is encroached?

6. In what fairy-tale the right to express his/her views is encroached?

7. In what fairy-tale the right to privacy is encroached?

8. In what fairy-tale the right to meet other people is encroached?

Students’ answers:

1. I won’t be mistaken if I say that the right to personal immunity is encroached nearly in every fairy-tale. For example, “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. In this tale the old magician stole the Beauty and kept her forcibly.

2. Let’s recall a fairy-tale “Three Piglets”. A villain-wolf destroyed their houses and wanted to ruin the third house but he didn’t managed to do it.

3. There are many fairy-tales where the right to private life is encroached. I’d like to remind you a tale “Emalia”. One tsar wants his daughter merry a foreign tsarevich. But she loves a poor Emalia. Finally they managed to get married against the tsar’s will.

4. To my mind the right to information is encroached in a fairy-tale “Pinocchio”. If you remember Karabas-Barabas didn’t say Pinocchio information about one key. That key was magic and it could open one magic door leading to a magic fairy country.

5. Sure this right is encroached in many fairy-tales, for example, “Cinderella”. Her step-mother constantly humiliates insults and offends the poor girl and her father.

6. I consider that this right is encroached in a fairy-tale “Chipollo”. A main character is pursued by local authorities because of his views and life values.

7. I suppose this right is encroached in many fairy-tales. A famous personage Baba Yaga is always disturbed by somebody. She lives in a forest and doesn’t invite anybody to come. But somebody always manages to do it.

8. In my opinion this right is encroached in a fairy-tale “Bremen musicians”. One tsar forbad his daughter to meet with her boy-friend and they had to leave her home.


Narrator 2: We see you are well-prepared for the competition. But it’s time to apply to the jury and sum up the results of the competition.

Jury: We should say that all members were excellent today. But N… was the best. He/she is rewarded with a diploma ….

(best pupils are given diplomas)

Narrator 2: Our meeting is going up to the end. In conclusion we want to pay your attention on the final slide.

If we follow this article we’ll never face to bad things. Thank to everybody.

Школьная прграмма поилитерату

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