Школьная олимпиада по английскому языку для 9 класса

1. Read the menu and the text below and decide what each person — Dan, Jenny, Kate, Tim — ate and drank Jack’s cafe Hamburger and chips £1.40 Fish and chips £1.20 Chicken and chips £1.80 Sausage and chips £1.00 Egg and chips 99 p Ham sandwich 75 p Cheese sandwich 65 p Glass of lemonade 38 p Glass of milk 15 p Cup of tea 20 p Cup of coffee 35 p Glass of coke 45 p Dan’s food cost less than a pound. Jenny doesn’t eat meat or fish. Kate’s food cost more than Jenny’s. Tim doesn’t like fish. Jenny didn’t have chips with her food. Kate and Dan had the same thing to eat. Tim’s food was the most expensive on the menu. Dan didn’t have a sandwich. The total bill for food was £4.43. Jenny and Tim had the same drink. Only Kate had a hot drink. Dan had the least expensive drink. Jenny’s drink cost 25 p more than Kate’s drink. 11. Dan ate … . A) egg and chips  hamburger and chips C) sausage and chips 12. Dan drank …. A) cup of tea  glass of coke C) glass of milk 13. Jenny ate …. A) cheese sandwich  ham sandwich C) fish and chips 14. Jenny drank … . A) glass of lemonade  glass of milk C) glass of coke 15. Kate ate … . A) chicken and chips  egg and chips C) ham sandwich 16. Kate drank …. A) glass of coke  cup of tea C) glass of milk 17. Tim ate … . A) ham sandwich  sausage and chips C) chicken and chips 18. Tim drank …. A) glass of coke  glass of milk C) cup of coffee 19. … paid more than others for food. A) Dan  Kate C) Tim 20. … paid less than others for a drink. A) Dan B)Jenny C) Tim TASK 3 USE OF ENGLISH (30 points) Time: 20 minutes Complete the paragraph below by putting a definite article (the), an indefinite article (a/an) or no article (-) in each space. RIVERS OF THE WORLD The Mekong River, (1) ________ tenth largest river in (2) _________ world, has it origins in Tibet. (3) ________ first two thousand kilometres of (4) ________ river is in Chinese territory. It then flows 2,400 km through Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before entering (5) ________ South China Sea through (6) _______ huge delta in southern Vietnam sometimes called ‘the nine-tailed dragon’. This area is known as (7) _______ Lower Mekong Basin. Hardly anywhere in (8) ________ world do more people depend on (9) ________ single river than in this region. Fifty million people live here and more than 80% of these are directly dependent on (10) ________ river through (11) ________ fisheries and (12) ________ agriculture. Task 2 Combine a word from box A with a word from box В to make up eleven compound nouns to do with travel. Use the word from box A first. A air business credit flight insurance tour package arrivals name travel hand В attendant trip tag card luggage hall insurance tour traffic policy guide 

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