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І variant

1. These sentences are from: Well, after that everywhere I went, there was Mary Ann with Sladen behind her, like a big dog. I had always played tennis with Sladen whenever the weather wasn’t wet: now I had to look for the partner, and I had to watch him playing with Mary Ann.

A) “The Boy Next Door”

B) “Is He Living or is He Dead?”

C) “The Happiest man on Earth”

D) “Surprise”

2. Complete the following sentence: When I came to his room, I found him lying on two chairs, as usual, smoking his black cigarettes and …

A) playing with an old cat

B) playing with an old dog

C) playing with a young cat

D) playing with a young dog

3. Complete the following sentence: towards morning the train stopped in…

A) Glasgow

B) an Indian town

C) Cape town

D) China

4. Complete the following sentences: Several months had passed. One afternoon when Ainsley came home…

A) he saw his dog

B) he saw the familiar face of his brother

C) he saw the familiar face of Dickey Soamas.

D) he saw his wife

5. Complete the following sentence: As usual on such a day he was giving a party, a party…

A) for thirteen people

B) for fifteen people

C) for sixteen people

D) for twelve people

6. Complete the following sentence: He considered himself something of a …

A) silly man

B) professional man

C) real man

D) real person

7. Complete the following sentence: Mrs. Forestier was convinced to her dying day that her husband had been a very … gentleman.

A) brave

B) gallant

C) strong

D) clever

8. Complete the following sentence: He was in his office every morning at nine-thirty and never left it…

A) till twelve

B) till seven

C) till four

D) till six

9. Finish the following sentence: He did not mean to look in Barton’s …

A) Paper

B) book

C) magazine

D) newspaper

10. Complete the following sentence: When Rosalind’s baker was driven from the castle her uncle kept the girl there. She … together with his own little girl Celia.

A) lives

B) to live

C) grew up

D) grown up

11. Complete the following sentence: “I … … why I decided to come here” he said, “But now I am sure a good angel brought me”.

A) doesn’t thing

B) don’t understand

C) doesn’t remember

D) don’t remember

12. Complete the following sentence: Denny rang him up. “Manson! … … … to my place at three o’clock?”

A) did you come

B) can you come

C) could you come

D) wouldn’t you come

13. Finish the following sentence: Jimmy went to a hotel and registered at the hotel under another name…

A) because he wanted to start a new life

B) because he was afraid he would be recognized

C) because he didn’t want to start a new life

D) because he lost at that time

14. Complete the following sentence: … after that another safe was opened.

A) seven weeks

B) four weeks

C) two weeks

D) three weeks

15. These sentences are from: The action takes place in South Africa. Lanny Swart, a young coloured man, was sent by his village folk to study in Cape town.

A) “Return”

B) “Peedger’s way home”

C) “The Invisible man”

D) “No story”

16. Complete the following sentence: If I tell you how to make some money by writing something that the public wants, you’ll throw me … … .

A) out of the room

B) out of the country

C) out of the street

D) out of the cottage

17. Complete the following sentence: Unseen by elders, May … had shut herself in the vault.

A) the smallest boy

B) the biggest girl

C) the smallest girl

D) the little girl

18. All that afternoon Andrew went about his work regretting the promise he had given. He was a mad man, this Denny, who would, sooner or later, get him into serious trouble. These sentences are from the text…

A) “The banks of Sacramento”

B) “Is He Living or is He Dead?’

C) “The Explosion”

D) “As you like it”

19. Complete the following sentence: “ Oh, yes. Aubrey arranged for someone to be there to photograph me. He thought … … …”

A) it would help to collect pictures

B) it would help to collect a crowd

C) it would help to collect women

D) it would help to gather the people

20. Finish the following sentence: The author of the story “Art for Heart’s Sake” is …

A) J. London

B) W. Shakespeare

C) O. Henry

D) R. Goldberg

21. Complete the following sentence: We walked side by side through the quite village…

A) to the bridge

B) to the lake

C) to the forest

D) to the river

22. Complete the following sentence: he thought the matter over from every point of view and the next day he want to look for a suitable …

A) cap

B) shop

C) suit

D) hat

23. Complete the following sentence: When Guy and Ralph ran into the room Grace worked they saw … … … with the widest and happiest smile they had ever seen on his face.

A) Ray Buffin standing near the girl

B) Mickle standing near the girl

C) Ruth standing near the girl

D) Ralth standing near the girl

E) Tom standing near the girl

24. Complete the following sentence: Olive’s daughter was born …

A) six months later

B) two months later

C) five months later

D) four months later

25. Complete the sentence: A few people were in the … … … and Pledger felt the American smell of coffee and toast and bacon.

A) Dining room having breakfast

B) restaurant eating breakfast

C) Caf eating supper

D) Canteen eating dinner

26. Complete the following sentence: Every boy in the Western states knew the Pope Manufacturing Company … ……

A) which produced cars

B) which produced washing machine

C) which produced toys

D) which produced bicycles

27. Fill the following sentence: “My name is … and I am a doctor”.

A) Kelada

B) Ellsworth

C) Doctor Stephens

D) Frank

28. Complete the following sentence: The Cartwrights were … and they came here because it gave their daughter a chance of a little fun.

A) planters

B) farmers

C) workers

D) doctors

29. Complete the following sentence: At that time a new safe was put … … .

A) in Mr. Octavian’s bank

B) in Mr. Adam’s bank

C) in Mr. Walker’s bank

D) in Mr. Frank’s bank

30. Complete the following sentence: At that moment Ainsley realized that he knew …

A) somebody

B) everybody

C) everything

D) anything

ІІ variant

1. Complete the following sentence: “Cod damn!” said one of the white boys. Suddenly Roy recognized one of them. It was…

A) Charlie Mumford, an old playmate

B) neighbour

C) his cousin

D) his friends

2. Finish the following sentence: All the way up Mr. Prosset fired questions on him and …

A) he didn’t answer anything

B) he fired answers right back

C) he didn’t fire answers right back

D) he answered that he didn’t know all about figures

3. Complete the following sentence: Rudolf looked towards the nearer door and saw that …

A) it was black

B) it was green

C) it was red

D) it was yellow

4. Complete the following sentence: Jimmy took his suit-case and came up to Ben Price whom …

A) he had own house

B) he had own hotel

C) he had noticed long before

D) he had seen long before

5. Complete the following sentence: She was too excited to tell him the story clearly and … … … .

A) Bill could not understand anything at first

B) he could understand everything

C) he could understand everything at first

D) she began to cry

6. Complete the following sentence: And since he desired nothing more than a good relationship between his daughter …

A) and her father

B) and her mother

C) and himself

D) and her stepmother

7. Many years later, fifteen at least, I happened to be in Seville and having some rifling indisposition asked the hotel porter whether there was an English doctor in the town. These sentences are from the text:

A) “Mr. Know-all” by W.S. Maugham

B) “The Happy Man” by W.S. Maugham

C) “ Hunting for a job” by S.S. Melcure

D) “Letter in the Mail” by E. Caldwell

8. Complete the following sentence: to complete his education he went …

A) to Italy

B) to London

C) to America

D) to Russian

9. Complete the following sentence: A week ago Sunday … city had a blackout and all nine television stations in the area went out for several hours.

A) Milan

B) Madrid

C) Paris

D) New York

10. Finish the following sentence: The story spread over the ship. It was a fine joke that Mr. Know-All had been caught out. But Mrs. Ramsay went to her cabin…

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