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Grammar exercises

Past Simple

Past Perfect

Present Perfect Present Perfect Continuous

Question 1: Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets:

Use: Past Simple, Past Perfect and Present Perfect:

In 1948, Darwish (be) __________________ born.

Last week, my mother ( not go)_________________ shopping.

____________ you ____________ (clean) your room last month?

Over the years, Mary___________________ (not publish) many books.

Darwish ________________(become) a refugee since 1948.

_______ she ever ________ (be) to the USA? No, she ________ never ________ there. (be)

Last week, Eric _______________ (clean ) his room before he ___________(travel).

Before we (arrive) __________________ the plane (take off)__________________.

I __________________ (not see ) Julia before I called her.

So far, my brother ________________ (participate) in three competitions.

The students ________just _________ ( finished ) their homework.

Question 2:Fill in the gaps with for or since:

We have lived in Jerusalem ____________ three years.

School has started _____________ 1st September2012.

I have played the guitar _______________ I was a child.

Question 3:Complete the following sentences: Past Simple and Past Perfect!

Mary had had lunch before she went to school.

John had called me before __________________________________________________

I met your parents after _______________________________________________

The teacher punished the students after _______________________________________

Question 4:Complete the following sentences using Present Perfect Simple or Continuous:

I__________________ ( work) on my project all day.

He ___________________ (wait) for ages!

We ____________________ ( not start) the conference yet.

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