рабочая программа по английскому языку и календарно- тематическое планирование для 4 кл

Тема: «Hello! Nice to see you again! Привет! Рады снова встретиться с вами!»

1. Fill in the blanks with miss, spend, abroad, shopping, pictures, Maths, age.

1. Every summer I ___________________my holidays in the country near a  nice  river.

2. I like to take _______________________ of this river.

3. My mother likes to go_________________________.

4. My friend went ________________________last year. He is in France now.  I ______________him very much.

5. You must not miss _____________________ lessons.

6. What is her _________________________________?

2. Fill in the blanks with speak, tell or say.

1. She’ll________________ us about her visit to Samara. 2. “Don’t ask too many questions,” my father ________.3.French students ___ English well. 4. The doctor _____ that I must drink a lot of carrot juice. 5. “Can I__________ to Mary, please?”- “Just a minute”

 3. Write sentences . 1. Autumn is___ season of the year. (beautiful) 2. Autumn is ________ than summer. (cold)3. Summer is________ season of the year. (good) 4. .This house is ______ than that one. (old) 5. Winter is_______ season of the year. (bad)

4. Fill in ‘s or s’ where necessary.

1. This kitten is Tom _  pet. 2. The girls_ toys are in the box. 3. We have got three pets. The pet…..food is on the shelf. 4. Mike_ brother must help them. 5. The girls are ill. The girl _ doctor came yesterday.

5. Choose the right answers:

1 .I usually ________________ my Granny on Saturday.

a) visits b) visited c) visit d) will visit

2. There ________________ 30 pupils in our class last year.

a) were b) was c) are d) is

3. I can _________ English   very well.

a) spoke b) speaks c) speak d) will speak

4._____________ they go to the Zoo with us next week?

a) does b) will c) do d) did

5.  I ___________ to my friend’s place yesterday.

a) goed b) went c) goes d) will go

6.Match the verb on the left with a word on the right.

1) answera) a uniform

2) discussb) poems by heart

3) explainc) questions

4) weard) problems

5) listen toe) rules

6) learnf) a walkman

7. Translate from Russian into English.

Проводить время, ездить за границу, фотографировать, пропускать уроки, проводить выходные, рассказывать детям сказки, останавливаться у родителей, говорить на английском языке.


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