проверочная работа по англ яз 4 класс УМК Биболетова МЗ

1) Составь слова из букв:

faso — _____sofa_________ airch — _______________

ipcutre — _______________ bltea — _______________

lpacerefi — ______________ lhal — ________________

tercap — ________________ drobewar — ___________

rodbeom — ______________ derun — ______________

tichkne — _______________ twneebe — ____________

llwa — __________________ lfoor — _______________

hindbe — ________________ bovea — ______________

2) Прочитай и отметь предложения, в которых допущены ошибки:

There is a carpet in the middle of the room.

There are a TV in the left corner of the living room.

There is two beds in the bedroom.

There are two chairs at the table.

There is a sofa between the armchair and the table.

There is many books on the shelf.

There is an armchair next to the window.

3) Переведи на русский язык:

I have got a room of my own.


There are many pictures on the wall.


There is a lamp above the table.


There are three rooms in our flat: two bedrooms and a living room______________________



4) Вставь пропущенные слова в текст:

wall, carpet, fireplace, between, bedroom

This is my _______________. There is a ___________ on the floor in the middle of the room. There are many posters on the __________. There is a _____________ ______________ the bed and the table.

5) Переделай предложения по образцу:

There is a bed in the room. – There are beds in the room.

There is a picture on the wall. — ___________


There is a chair at the table.- _____________


There is a

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