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Exercise 4

Our teacher thinks that a communicative approach to teaching foreign languages has a lot of benefits.

No doubt communicative exercises will be to the students’ benefit.

The price for a packet of these cigarettes varies from 10 to 15 dollars.

Students of the world economy department are taught various foreign languages.

The variety of topics for course papers surprised many students.

His reaction suggested that he didn’t approve of our choice.

He suggested we (should) discuss this point at the meeting.

I suggest asking him a few questions about his previous job.

His natural mother has never communicated with him in English. They have always spoken Russian.

They have never tried to achieve closer communication.

Our firm needs economists proficient in Japanese.

We’ll soon be able to access the Internet from our mobile phones.

The system gives the user a quick and easy access to the information needed.

The survey found that 90 percent of people are offended by swear words.

Never before did she notice him to take offence at her remarks so easily as lately.

He could never bring himself to slow down his life pace.

The computer gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Changes in the economic situation of the country are taking place at a slow pace.

She had to study hard to keep pace with the other students of the group.

Starting his own business, he was not aware of all the difficulties he’ll have to come across.

Due to his good command of English he had an advantage over the other candidates for this job.

Reducing the prices, they obtained an advantage over their competitors.

I’d like to take advantage of the break to call the agency and get the required information.

I think she takes advantage of his generosity.

The government failed to turn the growth of oil prices to their advantage (benefit).

The IT department of our company is expanding quickly.

We are planning to expand our business and employ several new people.

This programme offers students more opportunities for self-study.

The company offers various services to their clients.

He offered to teach me to drive a car.

Exercise 9

It’s more economical to send text messages by mobile phone than to make phone calls.

I think it’s more efficient to warn all the students about changes in the timetable by e-mail.

We sent an official complaint by fax but haven’t received any answer yet.

She was not at work in the morning, so I left her a note with the secretary.

Though he is very busy, he answers all the letters personally.

If you want to ask her (for) a favour, talk to her face to face.

I am not sure but it looks as if she is disappointed at / about her test results.

Nobody likes people giggling behind their back.

I am yawning because I am both bored and sleepy.

Judging from her tired look, she might not have been sleeping for the whole night.

Why are you whispering to her? — We don’t want to disturb anybody.

I don’t think she liked the play very much but she was clapping (her hands) like everybody else.

After short small talk we began to talk business.

The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch but many Dutchmen are proficient speakers of English.

She speaks German as well as her mother tongue.

She got offended though I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. In was just a figure of speech.

We all want to make a surprise for him but it’s still a secret — don’t say a word to anybody.

I want each student to speak their mind.

The twin sisters are so much alike that it is difficult to tell the difference between them. Either has / They both have short blond hair and blue eyes.

I couldn’t concentrate as the girls behind me were talking non-stop.

I’ve never heard her shout at any of her children.

My parents want to make an appointment with the rector. Does anyone know his reception hours?

I bumped into him near the university the other day. He smiled at me but said nothing.

We haven’t heard from our son in Denmark for a long time, that’s why we’ve decided to phone him.

When he introduced us to each other, we shook hands and she told me to call her just Jane.

Exercise 10

My telephone’s been cut off. — Did you remember to pay the bill?

He hung up as soon as I began to speak. I don’t think it was polite of him.

I was asked to call back as the manager was not available.

She had lived abroad for a long time and was out of touch with the changes which took place in the country in her absence.

I had difficulty in getting through this time. — Was it a long-distance call?

Her mobile is switched off. — Why don’t you call at her office? — I’ve tried several times but nobody answers there either.

While working on this committee, I had to come into contact with many businessmen.

I must get hold of my parents. It’s very urgent.

I asked the secretary to put me through to the director but she said he was having a meeting.

I’ve run out of money but I left my credit card at home.

After she left Moscow, I lost touch with her for a long time.

Hold on, I’ll try to find his telephone number in my notebook.

Unit 2

Exercise 4

1.His parents always encouraged him in his desire to become a doctor.

2.I desire nothing other than to be left in peace.

3.TV programmes, especially for weekends, leave a lot to be desired.

4.Prolonged negotiations are not very desirable in this situation.

5.He then started writing his own music, and achieved world recognition.

6.She never achieved the best results in tennis but always enjoyed playing it.

7.In / at school he was not one of the achievers.

8.What you’re dreaming about isn’t achievable.

9.The coach was fully content(ed) with his team’s performance at the world championship.

10.Judging by her contented smile she’s passed the exam with flying colours.

11.She looked so young and vulnerable that he felt a keen desire to take care of her.

12.His illness changed his outlook on life greatly.

13.She treated him better than he deserved.

14.His books for children deserve to be translated into other languages.

15.Your proposal deserves serious consideration.

16.None of those I talked to doubted his honesty.

17.He is without doubt the one to blame for the accident. / No doubt he is the one to blame for the accident.

18.I doubted for long whether I should accept the job.

19- Our future is so doubtful that we cannot make any plans now.

20.The country’s economic outlook for next year is quite optimistic.

21.He will undoubtedly / no doubt / doubtless / try to persuade his co¬workers to take part in the project.

22.The policeman made him get out of the car and demanded his driving licence.

23.He never demanded strict obedience from his children.

24.You’re demanding too much of me. It’s beyond me.

25.After the incident the parents demanded to see the headmaster.

26.The government is unlikely to agree to the picketers’ demands.

27.I didn’t expect the job to be so demanding.

28.The police offered a $1,000 reward for any information about the criminal’s whereabouts.

29.After hours of searching their patience was rewarded and they eventually found what they were looking for.

30.As a reward for passing the exams she got a new bike from her parents.

31 • She thinks working with children is very rewarding.

32.The head of the laboratory used all means to encourage the young scientist in his research work.

33.Tax reduction will encourage people to work harder and earn more.

34.The doctor told me the encouraging news — I’ll soon be able to walk again.

35.She was terribly anxious about the coming trip — it was the first time she was leaving home.

36.She’s anxious to go studying abroad.

Exercise 8

1.He himself could not explain why he had been in such a funny mood that evening.

2.Although Ann had not got into the institute she was in an optimistic mood.

3.Some people find driving enjoyable.

4.We were absolutely exhausted when we finally reached the camp.

5.My mother likes cooking and doesn’t find it tiring.

6.I’m in a lazy mood today. I must have got tired during the week.

7.We were deeply disappointed with / about our team’s performance at the world championship.

8.Don’t drum your fingers on the table, I cannot concentrate.

9.How did you like the dinner at the restaurant? — The food was just appalling.

10.I was delighted with the performance, but my boyfriend kept yawning.

11.You must have got frightened by / at the accident, didn’t you? — Yes, I did. My heart was pounding and I got butterflies in the stomach.

12.Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I was just irritated.

13.I was ashamed of myself for making this rude remark to John.

14.He was jealous of his classmate because the latter was more popular than him.

15.She’s very upset that she’s lost her watch. / She’s very upset about having lost her watch. It was her father’s present.

16.I wouldn’t say the atmosphere at the party was relaxing. Many of the guests felt uncomfortable.

17.I think there’s no point getting nervous about the coming exam.

18.Even as a child she was never close to her mother.

19.The president of the company was sensitive to his employees’ needs.

20.Mothers are sometimes jealous of their sons’ girlfriends.

21.I got furious at / about his reaction to my proposal.

22.They were married for twenty years and remained faithful to each other for all those years.

23.She is ashamed of herself for the silly mistakes she made in the test.

24.I got so amused at / by the joke that I couldn’t help laughing.

25.I’ll always be grateful to my parents for their help at difficult times.

Exercise 10

1.You’ll feel better if you open up to your boss.

2.It’s a good idea to watch an old film on TV to wind down before going to bed.

3.I think he’s missing her badly. You could cheer him up a bit.

4.Try to calm the children down. They’re very excited today.

5.This long cold winter’s getting me down.

6.I know I can always rely on him. He’ll never let me down.

7.I’m afraid things won’t ease up by the end of the module. We have an exam and two tests in one week.

8.Loosen up, the situation isn’t so formal.

9.Cheer up! All the troubles will soon be over.

10.Nick was furious when I told him we couldn’t afford to go to Mexico, but he soon calmed down.

11.She won’t open up to anyone about what happened to her.

12.He seemed quite nervous at the beginning of the meeting, but he soon loosened up.

13.A lot of people find that music helps them to wind down.

14.The actor we had engaged let us down at the last moment, so we had to find a quick replacement.

15.The loneliness really started to get my mother down a few months after we (had) moved out.

16.The doctor told me to ease up and stop working so hard.


Exercise 4

1.He applied for the job of a lawyer and was invited for an interview.

2.Last month the plant closed down, and more than 1500 people lost their jobs.

3.In his third year at university he began to combine studies with a part- time job.

4.Many students want to find a temporary job for summer.

5.After 10 years’ work as a freelance he got a regular job in the local newspaper.

6.He has been jobless for the last few months.

7.Bill earns his living doing small repair jobs for his friends and neighbours.

8.She does most of the work about the house.

9.Jane decided to give up her well-paid job in advertising and start some charity work.

10.To complete the project on time, he had to work overtime for a whole week.

11.When her maternity leave was over, she was allowed to work flexible hours / flexitime.

12.It’s quite common for top executives to work irregular hours.

13.He decided on the career of a policeman.

14.This financial scandal greatly affected his career as a politician.

15.She is totally career-minded and is not thinking about starting a family and having children.

16.She has worked most of her career abroad.

17.Our school has been employing a careers advisor for three years.

18.He took up this job because he found his career prospects here much better.

19.The prospects of finding a job in this little town are rather poor.

20.The name of the prospective winner is still kept secret.

21.Rigid army discipline frightened him.

22.We need a resourceful person for this job.

23.All new shop assistants do a month’s training course.

24.Their younger son is training to be a lawyer.

25.After graduating from the institute he worked as a trainee in a research centre for several months.

26.He doesn’t like his job, but on the other hand he’s afraid to be made redundant.

27.He bought a new car with redundancy money.

28.In the first five years of his work for this company he shared the laboratory with two other colleagues.

29.This area has the highest unemployment rate.

30.Many local inhabitants are employed in tourist business.

31.I want to hire a man to have the children’s room decorated.

32.I did a good job on the interview and they promised to take me on.

33.To offer you a particular job, we need references from your previous employer.

34.In the previous ten years the number of employees in the company has doubled.

35.Self-employed people have no paid holiday or sick leave.

36.Have you got a certificate to confirm your teaching qualifications?

37.She has all necessary qualifications to make a good manager.

38.Without qualifications you will never get a good job.

39.Next week he is taking his last exam to qualify as an accountant.

40.With the reform of the education system under way the need for highly-qualified teachers has increased greatly.

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