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Grammar-Vocabulary Test 1

Topic: Shopping


Grammar- Vocabulary Test 1


Write synonyms of the underlined words in the following word-combinations and sentences.

to provide; shoppers=buyers 2. racks 3. to search for=to hunt for 4. to get=to buy, a piece 5. purchases 6. to cut=to lower; the cost 7. to shop 8. to compile 9. a chat; shop-girl=shop-assistant 10. a can 11. to increase=to raise 12. to buy; a gift 13. loose 14. choice 15. full; store 16. mall 17. a pleasure; to window shop 18. a fitting room 19. to receive 20. faulty 21. to drop in 22. to collect 23. to cost 24. cash 25. to exchange 26. various 27. line (AmE) 28. to buy on the Internet 29. How much does it cost? 30. package (AmE), cookies (AmE)

Write antonyms of the underlined words in the following word-combinations.

to sell 2. in cash 3. to dislike, dull 4. baggy 5. vacant 6. out of 7. low 8. good, perfect 9. uncomfortable, tight 10. inconvenient 11. expensive 12. to undercharge 13. fancy 14. casual 15. trendy=fashionable

Complete the sentences with the correct word. The first letter of each word is given.

fancy 2. offer 3. wrap; purchase 4. a packet, a carton, a drum 5. faulty, exchange 6. cheque, cash 7. bargain 8. size 9. till 10. checkout 11. change 12. receipt 13. discount 14. fits, suit 15. match

Choose the correct item.

1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-c, 5-d, 6-a, 7-c, 8-d, 9-c, 10-b

Transform the sentences using the Passive Voice.

Customers are allowed a discount on orders over 500 pounds.

Their regular customers are given a 10% discount on all purchases.

Products are being displayed on the racks.

A piece of smoked bacon is being weighed for me by that salesgirl.

Really good bargains were being displayed on the counter.

Their boutique was being redecorated at that time.

The meat had been wrapped up well by the butcher before it was delivered.

When we came home our new –seater sofa had been delivered.

All our purchases have just been wrapped up.

I’ve been overcharged for these leather high-heeled boots.

Attractively packed goods can be hardly ignored by most shoppers.

A faulty thing can be easily exchanged if it was bought in a sale.

It must be bought!

In January big discounts may be found throughout the stores.

A new chain store will soon be opened in our neighbourhood.

They say my money will have been refunded by the end of the week.

They say that the faulty vacuum-cleaner can’t be exchanged, it’ll have been repaired in a week.

I was given a discount on the carpet because it took them to long to deliver it.

The gift was beautifully wrapped up in gold paper.

Use the required form of the adjectives or adverbs in brackets.

more elegant 2. leaner 3. better 4. bigger 5. best darker 6. latest 7. plain 8. trendiest 9. brighter-fancier 10. larger 11. expensive 12. nice 13. closer 14. Cheapest, dearest 15. bigger, better

Put the words given in brackets in the correct position.

black French leather high-heeled 2. plain brown leather lace-up hiking 3. unusual small square straw 4. reliable rectangular black plastic 5. pretty full-length red & white waterproof nylon 6. trendy well-cut beige linen 7. smart baggy checked grey tweed 8. lovely modern bright red 9. elegant, silver, dress 10. terrible tight yellow satin 11. large old round oak 12. wonderful big oval green Persian handmade 13. long loose-fitting floral blue silk 14. beautiful antique polished French 15. nice long-sleeved striped cotton.

Put the following sentences into reported Speech.

My college said (that) there were a lot of shops in their neighbourhood- … .

The shop-assistant asked him if he was being served.

Jack said (that) that day he had bought … .

She said she’d been shopping … .

My friend told me that 12 days before he’d picked up … .

Mr Fox told the shop-assistant that he would leave it.

My cousin said that she/he would swap her/his … for my … .

The buyer asked the shop-girl if he could pay … .

Mrs Dolley told us that anything … might be found on sale there.

The salesgirl told her that she mustn’t try on… .

The man asked me not to enter that … .

Mrs Daisy asked the greengrocer how much she owed him.

Dora told the sale-assistant that she was looking for … to match those … .

Monica told them that lately she’d bought … .

Jim’s fiancée said that two days before she’d spent … .

The shop manager said (that) they would have … the next day.

The security guard asked Rhil if he might check his … .

One of the buyers asked the shop manager why they couldn’t have … .

Judy told her husband that she must have that … .

The shop-assistant asked us not to touch the display.

Complete the sentences with can, can’t, could, couldn’t, may, may not, might, must, mustn’t, have to, should, shouldn’t, oughtn’t, needn’t, shall, will.

can’t 2. mustn’t/can’t 3. couldn’t 4. should 5. could/will 6. may 7. must 8. can’t 9. have to 10. can 11. could/might 12. have to, needn’t 13 shouldn’t 14. may not 15. shall 16. must, shall 17. shouldn’t/oughtn’t 18. can/may 19. shall, will 20. may/might/could 21. have to 22. shall, needn’t 23. can’t 24. must 25. can/could/may 26. could/will 27. should 28. can/could/couldn’t 29. mustn’t/can’t 30. can’t

Put the verb in brackets in the correct form.

are, are entitled 2. had had, would have bought 3. will give, have 4. didn’t pinch, would buy 5. were, would have never bought 6. buy, may be 7. doesn’t stop, will go 8. weren’t, wouldn’t have gone 9. would have bought, had been 10. were, would make … and stick 11. hadn’t spent, wouldn’t have 12. would have never bought, hadn’t lent 13. shop, is 14. were given, would you go … and buy … ? 15. buy, will go 16. lose, may be 17. weren’t, wouldn’t have spent 18. are, will have to put 19. were, would buy 20. had been, would have also bought

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